Red Queen

Red Queen

The familiar game of thimbles has been given a new lease of life in Evoplay's Red Queen risk game. The role of the caps here is played by card shirts, and the ball is played by the queen of hearts, who has been captured by the jacks. You can try to free the prisoner by betting between 0.01 and 1000 credits
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Red Queen risk game rules
The player has to guess the location of the Scarlet Queen without running into the clubs and spades guards. A black-suit hand is a loss, but if you win you can win x2.88 of the bet. You can try it for free only on our portal.

• A separate statistics panel allows you to analyse every attempt and even a series of attempts and develop your own tactics.

• The buttons for maximum, minimum, double and decrease bets allow for quick adjustments.

• Thanks to the moving card animation, you can win not only through luck but also through observation.

It’s not easy to rescue a captive from the clutches of the waltzes, but if successful, the result is immediately transferred to the virtual balance.