Oasis Poker Pro Series

Oasis Poker Pro Series

Oasis Poker allows the poker player against the house and exchange up to five cards for a fee. This Professional Series table game gives you a truly realistic gaming experience.
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Betting options
Just as most of the standard Pro games, also Oasis Poker Pro is offering you limits 1.00 and 40.00. Perfect for the average players. The moment these bets don’t fit you anymore because you’re getting more advanced, you can easily switch to Oasis Poker Pro High Limit, although I can recommend newbies to start with Oasis Poker Pro Low Limits, as betting options start with 0.10.

Oasis Poker game rules
Derived from the Caribbean Stud Poker game, Oasis Poker Pro the game rules of both games are quite similar. There are some small differences between the games though as Caribbean Stud Poker offers a progressive jackpot, while Oasis Poker Pro isn’t, but in return you’ll receive a way higher payout percentage compared to Caribbean Stud Poker. This difference is giving you a nice choice, while playing the same card game.
At least, almost the same card game, because the biggest difference can be found in one extra feature linked to Oasis Poker Pro, namely the chance to trade your cards.
Up to all 5 cards can be exchanged in any particular hand, making this Netent card game way more exciting to play as it gives you some space for making big, highly valued and paid hand combinations.
Though the regular advice often is to never exchange more than one card, without any exceptions, although the free game version could give you a nice opportunity to experiment on this to become more skilled with this extra exciting poker rule.

Oasis Poker Pro basics
The game isn’t really much different or harder to play than Caribbean Stud or any other poker game offered by the Netent Casinos. First it’s up to you to make an Ante bet, one you feel comfortable playing with, where after five cards are dealt for both, you and the dealer. Yours will all be visible, while the dealer’s cards are dealt face down, except for the first card in line.
Have a good look at the cards you’re having in hands and decode whether you would like to use the opportunity to discard one (or more cards). This all for a fee of course, going up to 3x your Ante when discarding three of your cards. If you discard 2 or 4 cards you’ll pay a fee of 2x the Ante, 1 or 5 cards will cost you only one time your Ante.
So be careful using this extra feature, as this extra isn’t always an advantage. After, you must either call to play the hand, or fold to surrender while losing your bet. If you call, the dealer turns over the remaining four cards. The best 5-card poker hand wins. The dealer has to qualify with Ace and King. Hands of equal value are a tie, while the best 5-card poker hand wins.