Blackjack Professional Series

Blackjack Professional Series

Blackjack Professional Series is an exciting 3 hand blackjack game from NetEnt featuring a 3D look and feel with state of the art card animations and Double Jack sidebet. Players can choose to play one to three hands against the dealer and can bet up to the maximum hand limit of on each hand. Before initiating the deal players can also choose to place a side bet. The Double Jack sidebet, is played on the first two cards in a blackjack hand, and offers a maximum win of 100 times the bet.
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Blackjack Professional Series is not just a Blackjack variant, it is considered one of the best online blackjack games you will ever come across. The game is played on a 4-deck setup with dealers standing on all 17s – giving you the chance to double down on any hand.

Blackjack Professional Series shares many similarities with other blackjack games and also includes the little side bet feature that will see fortunes rise.
The game features a stunning visual representation of a blackjack table game layout. You will find the usual green table with a deck of cards displayed at the top right hand corner. A stack of chips is set at the centre including the dealer’s playing area.

How to play
To start playing, you’ll need to place a stake. The game’s minimum and maximum bet levels are displayed at the top left of the game screen. The minimum wager limit is set at 1 coin but you can push it to a maximum limit of 40 coins. With your wager in place, you will have to make a pick from three-card shaped icons (You can choose one or two of them). After making a selection, press the Deal button whenever you’re ready to play. This will provide two cards for each of the hands you’re betting on. To claim a payout, you need to ensure that your cards get as close as possible to 21 but not over the number. You can achieve this by sticking with a certain amount or tapping the Hit button to be dealt more cards. Once you’ve gone through each of your hands, the dealer will then go through theirs. All winning hands held by you in comparison to the dealer’s will be paid out.

The best win comes from being dealt an ace or a blackjack which is any card valued at 10. This will be automatically considered as a winning hand awarding you a payout of 1.5x the stake. If the dealer is provided with a Blackjack, you will lose the wager. If both you and the dealer are dealt blackjack, the game will be tied and you will be given your bet back.

Bonus features for Blackjack Professional Series
The game comes with some rules that can help increase your payout. First, you get the Double Jack side bet which is placed behind your initial bet and before any game cards are dealt. The maximum Double Jack bet is set at 100% of your main bet. To win the bet, you will have to hit a pair of jacks or be dealt a jack as your first card. Payouts can go as high as 100x your bet if you collect a pair of two Jacks of Spades.