Caribbean Stud Professional Series

Caribbean Stud Professional Series

Table Game Wonders We think that this is one of the best online offerings of Caribbean Stud Poker, thanks to the ease of game play and the top quality of the graphics that are on display. The fact that there’s also a progressive jackpot included in the game gives it even more appeal on top of this.
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Caribbean Stud Poker Professional Series
Another offering in the variations of casino table games, Caribbean Stud Poker offers up rules similar to five-card stud poker. However, unlike most standard poker games, you always play against the house dealer rather than against other players. And in fact, this version of poker has only been around since about 1982, which, when compared with other table game offerings is still relatively new to the industry. Since that time though, it has become one of the most popular versions of poker to play. Gambling expert David Sklansky laid claim to formulating the fame originally, although this has been argued by several people claiming to have played it under a different name on a cruise ship travelling to Aruba many years before. Whatever the case is with this, this Netent offering provides gamers with an entertaining and thrilling table gaming option from the developer.

The Visual Appeal
If you think you’re ready to play this version of poker, you simply need to load it up and you’ll be presented with the usual green felt table layout. It’s here that you’ll find the fairly standard table game additions as well, such as the stack of cards in the top right hand corner, the dealer’s playing area in the centre at the top, and the minimum and maximum wager values displayed to the left of this. In the central area of the table you get to see the game’s logo with the words ‘Dealer Qualifies with Ace/King or Higher’ written. Your own playing area is below this, while to the left of your play area is the game’s current progressive jackpot total and the circle where you are able to place your bets for this. Finally, at the very bottom of the screen are the two circles where your bets will be placed, marked with the words ‘Ante’ and ‘Call’.

You will, of course, need to place your bets with the chips offered, and these can be found in the bottom right hand corner, being valued at €1, €5 and €10, while a grey chip with a red ‘x’ on it provides the option of clearing off current bets placed. The minimum wager you’re able to place is €1, while the maximum is set at €40 and bets are placed in the ‘Ante’ circle. You can further customise the game by using the speakerphone button, which turns the sounds on and off, or you have the additional option of altering the speed of the game as well.

How to Play and the Winnings
If you’re feeling ready to play the Caribbean Stud Poker game, you simply need to decide upon the wager you’d like to play and add the specific number of chips to the ‘Ante’ circle and continue on by pressing the ‘Deal’ button. This will then deal out five cards to you and another five to the dealer. The first card dealt out to the house will be face up while the remaining four are face down. You then need to look through all of your own cards and decide upon whether you think you’ll have a better hand than that of the dealer. The type of hand that you currently possess will be written next to the five cards dealt out to you. If you would like to end the game, simply press the ‘Fold’ button to do so, or you can ‘Call’ and the dealer’s cards will then be turned over to be compared with your own. If you have the stronger set of cards, you will win according to the pay table.

Pay outs are rewarded as determined by the type of hand you have managed to be dealt, and if you have formed a Royal Flush then the pay out you receive stands at 200:1, giving you the highest pay out outside of the progressive jackpot. And speaking of the incorporated jackpot, you’ll only win 100% of this if you have placed an extra bet on such and you make a Royal Flush. The lower the hand you are dealt, the less of the jackpot you’ll receive, with three of a kind being the lowest level you can receive a part of the progressive with.