Double Exposure Blackjack Pro Series

Double Exposure Blackjack Pro Series

Table Game Wonders If you’re looking for a variation of blackjack with easier game play options, then Double Exposure could definitely be one of the choices we’d recommend to you.
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Double Exposure Blackjack Pro
If you’re looking for a game that offers a variation on the regular blackjack option, then perhaps you might like to try the Double Exposure choice presented to you by Netent. It’s a part of the Professional Series of games that the developer has worked on, so it’s been designed with only the best in game play and graphics on display. Most of the features of this version of blackjack are the same as the classic version, but the dealer is given two cards dealt face up at the beginning of the game, whereas in the regular offering of the game, the dealer is given one face down and one face up. Of course, this provides a bit of an easier variation on the game to the standard option, and because of this, the pay out for a natural blackjack has been reduced. However, if you think that this could be the next table

The Visual Appeal
As far as the base game layout is concerned, there isn’t so much that is different in this one to the other Netent table games offered. It’s the regular green felt table that is displayed, with the game’s logo showing across the top in the middle. It’s here where the dealer’s cards are dealt. To the right hand side of the screen you will see the deck of cards, while on the left hand side you can see the sign for the wagering limits. Across the bottom of the table are three card-shaped sections, and you’re able to place your bets in these locations. Meanwhile, a few relevant pieces of information relating to playing this version of blackjack can be seen above this, such as ‘Dealer Wins All Ties Except Tied Blackjack’.

You’ll be able to adjust some features of the game, such as the amount of the wager that you place per round, and this is set with the chips displayed in the bottom right hand side of the screen. The values of these stand at €1, €5 and €10. Furthermore, there is a grey-coloured chip with a red ‘x’ on it, and this allows you to delete any of the bets already placed before the game begins. As the sign on the table reads, you’re able to wager a minimum value of €1 and a maximum amount of €40. You can also turn off the game’s sounds by pressing on the speakerphone button, and you can adjust its speed with the button displaying the icon of a wrench.

How to Play and the Winnings
Playing Double Exposure Blackjack is just the same as if playing regular blackjack, so if you are an avid fan of the game, then you’ll be right at home. You can opt to play on one, two or three of the hands, and this is done simply by adding chips to each of the card-shaped sections of the table. Each hand can be wagered on with a maximum of €40. Then, you simply need to press the ‘Deal’ button and two cards will be dealt out atop each of the sections wagered on, while the dealer will also receive two cards face up. Your goal is to total your cards as close to 21 as possible without going over that amount and this is done by either sticking with the value as they are, or using the ‘Hit’ button to have further cards dealt out to you. Your cards will then be compared to the dealer’s hand and pay outs will be provided as necessary.

And speaking of the pay outs, you’ll be given a reward of 1:1 for all wins, including a blackjack, as noted before. If your hand ties with the dealers at any time, other than in a blackjack situation, the dealer is the winner. You do have the option of proceeding with a ‘Double Down’ if your initial cards dealt total a hard nine, 10 or 11, and this sees you dealt one extra card following an additional bet equal to your original wager. And, in addition to this, if you’re dealt two cards of the same value, you can split these. Insurance is not a possibility in this game though.