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Head to Japan and experience the local culture at Microgaming's Wasabi San. The table is already set for you to indulge in the most delicious meal of your life and win big along the way. An exciting gameplay with exciting bonuses awaits you. The Wasabi San is a 5 reel, 3 row, 15 paylines slot with Wild, Scatter and Free Spins. Enjoy a great meal and take home some great winnings.
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Egypt Gods Virtual Slot takes you to a country full of legends and treasures by the Red Sea. The main characters of the Evoplay machine are the Egyptian gods Bast, Anubis and Horus, and the basic elements are the cards of the regular deck. The pharaoh's tomb is drawn in detail in the background.
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The familiar game of thimbles has been given a new lease of life in Evoplay's Red Queen risk game. The role of the caps here is played by card shirts, and the ball is played by the queen of hearts, who has been captured by the jacks. You can try to free the prisoner by betting between 0.01 and 1000 credits
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The Thimbles app is a classic version of thimbles, with additional statistics and handy betting controls that range from 0.01-1000.
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Jewellery Store is a luxe video slot with pleasant lounge-style music. The main motif of the machine is the jewellery shop and everything that goes with it: jewels, rings, pearls, inlaid tiaras and statuettes.
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The splendour of Chinese culture is on display in The Great Wall Treasure slot machine. Evoplay has not only provided the game with images of the legendary Wall, they have also added a winner of all animals, the Monkey King, to help the player.
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Evoplay online games developers bring to player one more exciting game founded on the oriental theme. Having lots of colours, smooth animations and great sound effects, The Legend of Shaolin slot reminds more about martial art movies where the developers got the game inspiration from.
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Every gambler who plays himself or simply follows the ongoing championships on the TV screen will love the Football machine from Evoplay Entertainment. When you run this virtual machine, you're transported to a stadium with legendary players and thousands of chanting fans. Immerse yourself in this intense atmosphere and test your luck by spinning the reels with symbols in the form of a golden ball or boot, referee's whistle, flags, gloves, fan scarf and other attributes.
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Basketball is designed for those who can't imagine their life without gambling and the NBA. Evoplay has successfully combined these two passions in one: the visual and musical design creates a feeling of being present at league games, the balanced game mechanics gives a unique gambling experience. The slot design is designed in the format of a basketball arena, with a drop-down net in the centre of the court.
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Chinese New Year is an online slot machine designed to celebrate the eastern holiday of the same name. holiday. The developers from Evoplay have done a great job: the design and gameplay Emulator at the highest level. In the background you see the town celebrating the beginning of New Year's cycle festive paper lanterns and fireworks. В In the bottom right corner of the screen, the Golden Dragon is well-drawn, and the main field elements are in dice format. The main field is in mahjong dice format.
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Evoplay Entertainment is an award-winning iGaming development studio that specializes in designing online slot machines.

Year founded: 2017

Developed games: 100+

Owner: Ivan Kravchuk

Main Genres: Pyramids, Adventure, Sports

Games type: Video Slots, Table Games, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat

Main office: Kyiv, Ukraine

Social networks:


About the producer:

Evoplay is an award-winning iGaming development studio. We do things a little differently. We think we do them better. That means more than just making great games. It means providing the best service behind those games, too.

We continue to build on our incredible portfolio – from first-to-market innovations to beautiful versions of the games people know and love. We provide online casinos with video slots, table, classic and instant games.

The iGaming world is fun. It’s an exciting and fast-changing industry. It never sits still, and that fits well with Evoplay’s drive to be quick to market, agile in our game development, and world class in our marketing and account management. We’re here to make a difference!

With a development centre and offices in Europe, Evoplay has an established partnership network throughout Asia, the CIS, Latin America and Europe. Our clients are found in 41 countries around the world. That’s where we are today, but each year we grow larger as a company and add more amazing partners.

Types of games:

From match3 to classics, 7-reel slots to random events, wilds and bonus features, everyone can find something both fascinating and to their taste.

A customized game engine that lets you load games faster. A dynamic tool that allows us to combine all of the great features that players know and love, and create stunning 2D and 3D slots with one proprietary tool.

Players can change the bet or spin via an intuitive swipe, ‘fast skip’ to remove in-play events, and enjoy highlights of their game in the history bar.

With a flexible, user-centric approach to game development, we present cross-channel offerings that delight existing online casino players and bring to the table people new to the iGaming experience. In short, we put players and quality entertainment first.

Have an idea for a new game, or want something unique to your casino? Do you like the idea of a game that features your very own branding? Evoplay will make it all happen. Our team has 10 years experience creating and launching successful games. If you want it, we’ll build it for you!

Features and benefits:

Request a walk-through.
Our team will show you just how simple it is to integrate our games into your online casino. From award-winning marketing and support, to industry-first games that have incredible player retention, you’ll be up and running in no time.
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Discover the many ways that our account team can elevate your casino above competitors. Grow your business with us – Evoplay saw 300% GGR growth in 2020, and 82% of players return exactly to our games. It’s inspiration, made easy!
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Not all online casinos are the same, and not all partners have the same needs. With Evoplay you receive a bespoke partnership roadmap designed to help take your business in exactly the direction that makes sense to you and your users.