Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker

One of the famous gambling games is a variation of the classic poker version of the Oasis Poker Pro Series. The aim is to make the best five-card hand and beat the dealer with it. The main selling point of the product from EvoPlay is the ability to play three hands at once. This increases your chances of winning, although you'll have to spend more money on bets.
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The main difference from other manufacturers’ models is the ability to swap all 5 cards in 1. This increases the winning average by around 0.5%.

Other features:

• The game is played against a virtual dealer.
• Uses a 52-card deck without the joker.
• This is a 1-box deal.
• Classic 5-card Poker combinations are compared.
• Two main bets: Ante (Initial) and Call (Repeat or Confirmation).
• Player can change 1 or 5 cards for 1 ante and 2 cards for 2 antes.
• The minimum payable combination is Ace + King with any kickers.
• No exchange to dealer (game purchase).
• No side bets for bonus, doubling risk and jackpot.
• One speed mode. Tempo 6-8 hands per minute.


• Ante staging.
• Handout.
• Call, if a decision is made to match the dealer.
• Fold if a weak hand.
• Click on your hand and press Draw to exchange.
• If the dealer’s hand is stronger, both bets are lost.
• If the dealer has no game, an ante is paid.
• If the player’s hand is the highest, the Call bet wins at odds from the table, Ante pays 1:1.

• In demo mode the player has 5,000 notional units. The lowest bet is 0.1. In the version supplied to the online casino, the minimum is 50 roubles or $1.

Basic strategy:

• Play with any pair, even 2-2.
• Change one: to a flush; to a two-sided straight; to a straight in the middle with a range above seven and against the dealer’s low card.
• Don’t swap to three of the same denomination in search of a hand.
• Deal 5 cards against the dealer’s twos, threes and fours, and against fives and sixes if the player holds this face value.
• Swap 2 cards in 2 ante for a royal flush and a straight flush, open at both ends, against the dealer’s lowest denomination.

Following these rules, you can play with an RTP of 99.25%. The maximum RTP is achievable with a detailed study of the strategy.