Blackjack Lucky Sevens

Blackjack Lucky Sevens

In the card game Blackjack: Lucky Sevens you can play as three players and place bets of between 10 and 1,000 on each. The gambling table gives the impression of being in a real casino, increasing the excitement, and the ability to play for more than one person increases the chances of beating the banker.
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The odds of the Point 777 risk game
Evoplay in Blackjack: Lucky Sevens has added a few more bonus rules to the standard rules. In addition, on a roll of two cards of the same denomination, you can use SPLIT – split them into two hands with a duplicate bet.

Winning multipliers:

• 21, received on a deal and won, pay 3k2;

• You can protect yourself against Black Jack from the dealer by “insurance”, which costs half of the chips in hand and is valued at 2k1;

• If you have a Black Jack on your hand and an open Ace on the dealer’s hand, you can take credits at a rate of 1k1;

• Three 7’s in a row give an extra bonus of x1.5.