Wild Viking

Wild Viking

Wild Vikings is an interesting game of roulette but with cards as opposed to a ball and wheel. The interface is fairly simple, and the gameplay is not a hard one.
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Wild Viking is a card game that is very similar to Roulette. It is offered by top leading gaming provider Playtech and is available at most online casinos that utilize this software.


You will be presented with five cartes. Your job will be to determine what the last card holds as you make your bet.

You will be dealing with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, inclusive of two jokers. In terms of bets, you will be able to make three types of bets depending on your preferences.

Roulette bets which have payouts of 13 for 1 for four cards, 2 for 1 for black, red, even or odd cards and 52 for 1 for a single card.
Poker bets which will only dish out the payment if the last hand of the five cards holds the poker value of the bet which was placed. Alternatively, it may hold a better value than the wager which was placed. For example, a 6 to 1 pay may be given if a two pair bet was placed.
Last but not least is the Wild Viking bet, also known as the progressive jackpot is bet. Much like the poker bet above, it is also determined on the final value of the five cards at hand.
In order to make a winning, a wild Viking has to be unlocked in the case of the first or last cards holding jokers. When this happens, for example, a 3 for 1 pay is given when there is three of a kind.

Free & Real Money
There are a number of free demos and free gambling machines available at different casinos for those who don’t have a wish to spend money or for those who wish to first familiarize themselves with a particular slot before paying money.

Those that wish to participate in a real money game, however, have to understand a few things:

You have to know which payment methods are on offer at a given casino and whether or not you are able to utilize them. You have to check out what methods are available for deposit and withdrawal.
Ideally, you need to check out the paytable to get a better understanding of your chosen slot. In this paytable, you will be presented with information such as the available symbols, payouts for given combinations and the RTP score of the slot.
Last but not least, you need to know the betting limits of the slot before placing your bet.