Tens Or Better

Tens Or Better

If you want an old-school experience, with no unnecessary features and flare, you might want to take a look at Playtech’s Tens or Betters. The game is based on a variation of the popular Jacks or Better, namely Tens or Better.
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Tens or Better is one of the more popular video poker games out there, arguably second only to Jacks or Better. As you can deduce from the game’s name, the lowest-paying hand in this variation is a pair of 10s. Otherwise, the game plays out like any regular online video poker machine. The object of Tens or Better is to obtain a 5-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. The better your hand, the bigger the payout.

The setup is as you would expect – the paytable is located above the card positions and the game controls are below. One of the useful inclusions is the button that takes the player straight to the cashier, in case he or she needs to resupply the account mid-game. Tens or Better (10s or Better) was released in 2004 and is still going strong.

Make sure that your Flash Player has been enabled in your browser before you launch Playtech’s Tens or Better in your favourite online casino. The “-“ and “+” arrows in the lower left corner will help you adjust your bet before you place a bet and hit the Deal button and start the round.
Click Bet One or Bet Max to select the number of coins you wish to wager. Each click on the Bet One button adds another coin to the bet. Clicking Bet Max increases your bet to the maximum – to 5 coins – and deals the cards automatically.
You will get a 5-card hand that you can adjust by holding specific cards and return the other ones to the deck. You can choose how many and which of your cards you want to be replaced. You may replace your cards only once.
After the additional deal, your hand will be evaluated and if it contains a winning combination, you will be paid the amount of coins that is predetermined in the paytable. However, before this happens you will have a chance to participate in an optional bonus game. Should you choose not to, you can just hit Collect and move on to another round.

If you end up with a winning hand, you can go for the Double extra feature. The virtual dealer draws a face-up card and you are given 4 face-down cards to choose from. If you choose a card lower than the upcard, you lose your original win. On the other hand, if your chosen card is higher, you will double your earnings.
The additional option is to go for the Double Half, in which case you will be risking only a half of your original winnings.

Tens or Better video poker has a return rate that is lower than the RTP of Jacks or Better. It stands at 97.96% because it offers more winning combinations than Jacks or Better. The minimum bet per line in this game is 0.05, while the maximum is 5. The maximum bet across all lines is 25 units. Here is an overview of the paytable, as per the 5-coins bet.

Hand                            Payout
Royal Flush                  4000
Straight Flush              250
Four of a Kind              100
Full House                    30
Flush                              25
Straight                          20
Three of a Kind             15
Two Pairs                       10
Tens or Better                5