Stravaganza Progressive is an online Stravaganza with a progressive jackpot.
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Stravaganza Overview
Lovers of a variety of gambling entertainment will be interesting to get acquainted with the original card game called Stravaganza (Stravaganza). It somewhat resembles blackjack, although significant differences in the rules do not allow you to call it one of its varieties.
Online versions of Stravaganza are in the range of only a few producers of software for online casinos. The spectacular model is offered by the company Playtech.

At Europa Casino, bets can range from one to one hundred euros.
By making a bet, the player receives two cards open. The dealer deals himself three cards, all of which are dealt. The user assesses the strength of his hand and makes one of the following decisions:
Play – make another bet of the same size. Then a third card is dealt to the box and the dealer’s and the customer’s hands are compared. This decision can be made in any situation.
Refuse to play – to take the bet and end the game. This option is possible if the player’s cards have no more than five points.
Take Back Half Bet – To take back half of the stake and call it quits. This is allowed if there are six to nine points in the user’s cards.
Play two cards – do not increase the bet and compare your two cards to the dealer’s three cards. This is allowed at ten or more points in the player’s cards.
After the customer makes a decision on the box, the dealer opens the cards and compares the strength of the hands.

If he wins, the player loses bets.
If he loses, the user’s bets are paid in the ratio of 1:1.
If the dealer’s first card is a red ace, the client loses only the first bet, and the second is returned to him. In such a situation, the amount of points does not play a role.
If the dealer’s second or third card is a red ace, the client loses both bets. The amount of points does not matter either, and this point is more important than the previous one.
Stravaganza also provides prize payouts.

Stravaganza Bonus Games
Bonus payments in Stravaganza are possible only on three cards, but they are accrued only on the first bet. It happens in such cases:
The player has three cards of the same face value (tris) – payout 3:1
The player has three pictures – the payout is 3:2.
Consequently, if the first two cards have a pair or two pictures, there is an additional incentive to take the third card.

Stravaganza by Playtech features a progressive jackpot and related prizes. To participate in the drawing, you must place a side bet (by clicking on the slot on the table above the box). Fifteen percent of this bet goes to increase the jackpot amount.
Winnings on this bet are paid out on such combinations:
Three hearts kings – full jackpot amount
Three identical pictures – 10% of the jackpot
Three Jacks-Kings – x100
Three fives/tens – x50
Three any ten (thirty points) – x10
As you can see, to qualify for the jackpot or one of the payouts, you must necessarily take the third card.


At first glance, Stravaganza may seem to be a rather confusing and complicated game. In fact, its rules are very simple. But the strategy requires certain skills. We will acquaint you with its basics in a future post.
Stravaganza can be recommended, first of all, to casino customers, who are tired of monotony, who are constantly looking for something new and are happy when they find original entertainment.