Single Deck Blackjack Professional Series

Single Deck Blackjack Professional Series

Single Deck Blackjack Professional Series is one of the several NetEnt table games currently available at online casinos supported by that software provider. This version of blackjack features a single deck and quite conservative betting limits.
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The holy grail
It’s not for nothing some see Single Deck Blackjack as the holy grail of the blackjack games, mainly due to the lowest house edge of just 0.17%. This means the theoretical payout of this NetEnt game is 99.83%, the highest payout of all NetEnt games.
A good reason to try out Single Deck Blackjack game, and it doesn’t matter if you go for this standard version, with bets available from 1.00 to 40.00, or you could choose to play the Low Limit version as it’s offering smaller bets starting from 0.10. Blackjack Single Deck High Limit is mainly suitable for experienced blackjack players or high rollers with bets starting at 25.00.

Game of skills vs. game of chance
Blackjack is a casino game and casino games are a 100% game of chance, right? Wrong! This is what some want you to believe, the reason why many professional poker players have troubles. Where buy-ins should be seen as expenses, and poker winnings as income, tax regulators often ignore the buy-ins professional poker players need to invest as there’s no other way to generate an income.
And the better their poker skills, the more income they manage to generate, and with that profits. But until today, many governments ignore these insinuations, the most countries recognise poker as a 100% game of chance. Even though many court cases told governments to consider poker as a game of skills.

Is blackjack a game of skill
What about Blackjack Single Deck? Is it a game of skill? In fact, yes it does, but not like poker does. But playing Blackjack definitely isn’t a 100% game of chance either, like for example, video slots are, simply because your Blackjack skills can have a positive effect on the outcome of a game.
Just as with poker, it’s all about estimating the outcome of the game, the chances to lose or to win. Not for nothing some poker players manage to win tournament after tournament, as they became good at estimating the outcome of the game, simply by guessing what the other player has in hand.
Not an easy job you know, maybe even one of the toughest, but just as with Blackjack, it’s all about the experience. The more experience in playing Blackjack, the more winnings will flow in. So if a beginner, I recommend you to start practicing. You can either choose for the classic Blackjack game as well as this standard Single Blackjack version.

Blackjack Single Deck game rules
Both, you and the dealer get two cards. If one has a Blackjack, the game finishes directly, with a win for you if you’re the one with Blackjack, if not, this means you lost.
Both having a Blackjack means a push and returns your bet. When the game moves on if there’s no Blackjack, it’s up to both to come as close to a Blackjack as possible, but without exceeding the total of 21 points. With you starting, the most important part of Blackjack Single Deck is to stay below the 21 points.
If you do exceed this amount, you will lose, no matter what the dealer’s cards would have been. If you are not even close, I advise to go for Hit, which means you’re asking for another card to increase the total of points.
Depending on this card you can choose to Hit again or to Stand. The moment you Stand, it’s up to the dealer to get higher points without exceeding the 21 points. Just like you, also the dealer can now draw another card, though depending on the total of his hand. Here lies your advantage as a dealer must stand on a hard 17, but hit on a soft 17. A Soft hand is a hand with an ace that can be counted as either 1 or 11 without busting.

Blackjack hard hand
A Hard hand is a hand without an ace, or a hand with an ace that can only have a value of 1. This means the dealer must take another card when he is having 17 points or less and an ace is involved. If the dealer exceeds the total amount of 21, you win. If no one gets busted, the total amount of the cards will show the winner as the one closest to 21 will win the game.