Joker Poker Video Poker

Joker Poker Video Poker

Add the Joker to the deck and you’ve got Joker Poker with Playtech’s video poker game, 50-line Joker Poker. Video poker online games are easy to understand with the Joker acting as the wild card.
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About Joker Poker
Joker Poker is a classical video poker game that uses jokers besides the regular 52 cards in the deck. This gives you more options and chances to make a winning hand. Also, bear in mind that the hands made with a Joker will not payout as much as a natural poker hand. After you have made a winning you get to gamble all or half of it for a chance to earn more!

How to play Joker Poker
The fun of this came is its simplicity. The basic concept is that you need to make a five card poker hand with the help of a Joker. You start by adjusting the bet level and coin value ($0.01 to $5). Press the Deal button to be dealt a five card hand. Select which of the five cards you would like to hold. At times the computer does this for you automatically but you can “unhold” these if you are going for a different, maybe not so obvious, tactic. Press Deal again once you have made you selection and you are dealt cards again, up to five depending on how many you chose to hold. If you have put together a winning hand you are paid out according to the pay table visible in the centre of the game screen.

If you have banked a winning you are automatically presented with a pop up window asking you whether you want double, double half or collect. This feature allows you to double your winnings or if you are not a gambler then you can just gamble half and if you really are not a gambler then just keep your winnings. In the gamble game you are presented with five cards again with only one facing up. You need to pick one of the four facing down which you think will be higher then the one you can see. You can keep doubling your winnings till you hit a doubling limit.