Robinson Crusoe is a novel by the famous writer D. Defoe, on the basis of which Evoplay has produced a slot machine. It tells the story of a shipwrecked traveller who finds himself on a small piece of land in the middle of the ocean. Our hero has lived there for almost thirty years and met local residents, including a native named Friday. Help a brave seafarer, caught in a bad situation, to settle down and establish a life in an unfamiliar place. For the help you'll be rewarded up to 1000 credits or more (if you connect additional multipliers). Bet immediately on the nine lines - from 9 to 180 coins, and twist the reels.
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Gameplay and Paylines
“Robinson is a 3D video slot with five reels and nine lines. There are fifteen pictures (5×3) on the screen at the same time. Users can use any number of lines, putting on each of them up to a hundred coins of 0.01, 0.10, 1 or 10 euros. The maximum bet per round is nine thousand euros.
Regular pictures form winning combinations on the active strips. Identical elements must form a continuous chain starting from the first reel on the left. Each such sequence gives only one win, which is accrued for the most valuable option available on the line. The symbols that do not follow the general rules are discussed in the next section.
Payouts are calculated by multiplying the line bet by the allotted odds for each combination, which can range from x5 to x2000. If several chains are formed on different positions, the winnings on them are summed up.

Special symbols
Fish on a spit over a fire, an old map, a sundial made from rocks, juice in a coconut, a volcano, a tropical fruit head, a starfish, a shell and an old barrel – this is the set of basic pictures in the game.
Special symbols include Wild (a flag with that word on it), Multiplier (the main character), Scatter (the green bush) and Bonus (the snag above the water).

Let’s take a look at what they can do:

• Wild is only used to replace other regular pictures in combinations. By itself does not pay.

• Multipleir increases the payouts for combinations by half appearing on the line.

• Scatter pays regardless of its location on the screen, and winnings are calculated on the total bet. Three of these pictures trigger ten free spins. These are free to the player, as the casino puts the money on the line for them. This round is a multi-level round. With each its launch, the user proceeds to the next stage, giving additional benefits. Check the rules for more details.

• Bonus starts the prize round. It is triggered when at least three bonus symbols appear on the screen at the same time.

Bonus features
• Free Spins. As you move to a new one, the potential payout increases. The round is a win-win.
Free Spins (10 of these) are awarded to three or more scatters appearing in any box on the board.

• Boost multiplier. If the winning combination is complemented by an X2 icon, the prize money doubled.

• Bonus round. A separate game in which five totems are lined up in front of you. They conceal different prizes.
In the Robinson Video Slot prize game, you have to choose the totems of the natives. If the move is successful, the customer will receive a payout, after which the next stage begins. There are five levels in total.