Release the Kraken

Release the Kraken

Explore the depths in Release the Kraken, a 5×4, 20 line video slot. Unlock the secrets of the ocean with random features possible on any spin and get the treasure from under the Kraken's nose in the progressive multiplier, free spins round of Roaming Wilds. Release the Kraken is an exciting slot from Pragmatic Play that has four unusual features and offers the chance to win 10,000 times your bet. The Kraken has been collecting all kinds of gems and gold treasures over the years that it has been living at the bottom of the ocean.
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Theme and Graphics
Like every other Pragmatic Play product, Release the Kraken is a stunning game with great graphics. This time you are invited to dive into the ocean and explore the underwater world. The first screen behind the translucent reels depicts a sunken ship (probably yours) in the depths of the sea. On either side of the screen you can see brightly coloured corals and peculiar sea plants. Occasionally, round air bubbles rise to the surface. You can also enjoy an amazing soundtrack that will accompany your dive. This slot will run smoothly and quickly on both PC and mobile devices. You won’t need to download any third-party software, just your browser. Need a fast-paced game with a chance of winning big? Check out Release the Kraken. It’s playable with just about any balance in your account.

Gameplay and Paylines
The expensive icons in Release the Kraken are the game logo, shark, turtle, blue fish and yellow fish. All of these symbols vary in value. Payouts for 3 symbols in this group can be as high as 100 coins, and for 5, 2500 coins. Cheap icons are the standard A, K, Q, J. Combinations of 3 of these can pay up to 25 coins, and combinations of 5 can pay up to 400 coins. Before you start spinning the reels, you’ll need to decide on your stake. In Release the Kraken you can bet between 0.20 and 100 coins per spin.
In Release the Kraken you will have 20 active lines at your disposal, giving you plenty of opportunity to pick winning combinations on each and every spin. You’ll need to catch 3 symbols in one of the lines to get your payout.
The game’s logo is its best symbol. Lines of five of these icons will bring you up to 2,500 coins.
RTP : 96.5%

Special Symbols
The special icons are as follows:

• Wild (Bubbles) is a very valuable element, as it itself forms large combinations, as well as replacing simple pictures in chains and participating in prize rounds.

• Bonus (the ship) is used to trigger the Sunken Treasure bonus and the Roaming Kraken freespins. To do so, it must appear on the first and third reels and must be accompanied by one of the symbols below. They only appear in the fifth column.

• Free Spins (helm) starts the freespins along with the ship.

• Chest Bonus starts the bonus game if two bonus symbols appear.

Bonus Games
On any spin, the kraken may release its tentacles onto the screen. You will need to select one of these to activate any of the following bonuses:

• Kraken Locking Wilds – The reels start spinning until a treasure chest comes up. It brings extra jokers, continued draws or multipliers.

• Colossal Kraken Wilds – A huge joker occupying twelve cells is guaranteed to end up on the screen.

• Infectious Kraken Wilds – This Wild will turn other icons around it into Jokers.

You can also become a participant in the bonus game:

• Sunken Treasure – Three chests appear on the additional screen. Open one of them and receive a prize. It is calculated on the total bet and the odds. Their size is determined by a random number generator.

Free Spins
Let’s take a look at the features of the free spins:

• Roaming Kraken Free Spins – You’ll first unlock chests, getting one, two or three freespins from each. These will accumulate until the word Collect appears. Then the free spins for casino money begin. They run along forty active lines. Each Wild symbol increases the additional multipliers by one. Jokers stay on the field until the end of the round, but change positions.