Rooks Revenge

Rooks Revenge

Explore the jungles of South America, where you'll encounter Mayan tribes. Meet the new game from Betsoft. This Mayan-themed slot tells the story of an ancient city, one of the world's oldest civilisation strongholds. You will interact with various totem pole symbols while a Mayan chief, standing to the right and watching you collect the symbols in a line, will help you along the way. The game features 5 reels with 25 fixed lines. Get ready to experience another culture and become one of the Mayan warriors as you play this novelty game and wait to see what your watching chief has in store for you.
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Theme and graphics
While this game is exciting on its own, it has great additional features, which is why Betsoft is the best game maker. To combine modern and ancient architecture in the same slot is simply genius. Players can go back in time and enjoy the culture of ancient peoples. In the background, there is a beautiful Mayan temple overgrown with grass and a Mayan chief grabbing your attention during the game. The game symbols are images of various gods from Mayan culture. The slot interface is very colourful and the different symbols are painted in different colours. In Rook’s Revenge you can also win free spins in various ways, and any winnings you receive in this feature will be multiplied as you play. Playing this slot will have you sitting on the edge of your chair, holding your breath, waiting for the Bonus and Wild symbols that will increase your winnings, thanks to the multipliers you get in these features.

As the leading game developer, Betsoft loves to develop exciting and addictive games. And that’s exactly what this slot is all about. The music alone beckons you to start playing and take a journey back in time to when the Mayan civilization still existed. The action takes place in a bushy temple, and on the left side of the screen you will always be accompanied by a tribal leader who you will cheer as you spin the slot. The game features seven main symbols engraved on stone totem poles, which are representations of the gods. The symbols can be distinguished by colour and the pattern on the totem pole. The golden mask is the bonus symbol that activates the main feature. The large gold decorated question mark is the Wild symbol. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols, thus allowing you to put together any winning combination.

There are 25 fixed win lines in Rook’s Revenge, giving you optimum chances of winning big. You’ll need to catch at least three symbols on an active line to win. The bonus symbol, which looks like a golden mask, is the best symbol you can get when playing this slot. Then comes the Question Mark, that is, the Wild symbol, which will also be very cool to catch, as it can replace any other symbol in the game and guarantee you a winning combination.

The bonus game in Rook’s Revenge is incredibly exciting, as it’s designed in such a way that you anticipate different winnings as you play. Each time you win, the winning combination explodes, leaving a void where, in turn, the following symbols fall. Another winning combination with new symbols will lead to the same result. Each subsequent explosion increases the multiplier by 1X up to a maximum of 5X. The game also features a free spins feature that will give you extra playing time. Catching the golden mask symbol, which usually appears on the first, second and third reel, will activate this feature and reward you with twenty free spins. The free spins feature is automatically activated and the value of the collected symbols increases. Wins from the second to the fifth will now earn you multipliers of 3X to 15X, making the game incredibly lucrative and making you look forward to each burst.