Reef Run

Reef Run

The slot in question is called Reef Run or Reef Walk. Based on the name, it is clear that the marine theme is involved, which has recently been gaining more and more popularity. Marine plot, no matter what game it was involved, always relaxing and allows you to break away from the gray of everyday life and daily chores. The game about the inhabitants of the coral reef Reef Run will organize anyone who wants a dynamic and fascinating walk in the underwater world, meet the main characters and give only positive emotions and mood.
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Theme and graphics
Since the company Yggdrasil Gaming team is young enough, respectively, are not going to go hackneyed ideas and expanded technical capabilities. Reef slot machine made in three-dimensional visualization, creating a stunning effect of presence. Backdrop game space is made so realistic and beautiful that just takes your breath away! In the distance you can see an underwater city, which attracts its mystery and mysteries. In addition to remarkable graphics, slot has an excellent music component, which allows maximum penetration story.

Description of the machine interface
Gaming the central space has arranged the five reels under the classic scheme 5×3. The side edges of the field are reserved for the twenty numbers, each of which corresponds to one of the twenty available lines for payouts. To view the scheme of each of the lines just hover your cursor over a number.
At the bottom of the playing field, as in many gaming machines, there are a couple of management buttons that help adjust certain game parameters. Among these buttons is the coin value, which is responsible for the denomination of coins. The rate, depending on the denomination, can range from twenty cents to forty dollars. Next to the described key are the adjustment buttons for scrolling. Since the game involves in addition to the manual mode and automatic mode, to activate it there is a key in the form of a circular arrow with a triangle in the middle. Further displays relevant information on bets and the current balance.
In the game you can adjust the sound volume (Sound On/Off), the speed of the process (Game Settings), as well as the parameters of automatic scrolling. In addition, there is a table of payout coefficients, which is activated key paytable. To familiarize yourself with the detailed rules it is necessary to use the button Game Rules.
Game characters are presented only in the form of themed characters, including a charming octopus, a funny sea snail, seahorse, lobster with yellow claws, mustachioed crab and a large green ball fish. Each time a prize match is formed from these or those characters, the symbols are animated and the game becomes much brighter.

Gameplay description
First of all, it should be noted that the player expects a minimum number of settings. Such a game parameter as paylines here is strictly fixed and is always twenty pieces. User only have to adjust the value of the coin button coin value, and then give preference to one of the available game rotational mode.
As for the special scatter symbol, there is a special scheme of action. Depending on how many scatters will fall out on the reels in a single scroll, depends on the number of free spins. So, for two scatters two scrolls, for three – ten scrolls, for four – twenty, and for five – sixty free scrolls. These rotations together are a bonus game, the winnings of which at the end of the game are added to the current balance of the user.
The system of charges for the prize rolls is classic: the prize is credited then. When three, four or five of the same elements on one or more lines simultaneously line up on the field after the next scroll. In this case, the user receives the winnings in accordance with the active bet and the payout coefficients of the prize symbols.

Summary of gaming machine description
Developers from the Swedish company Yggdrasil Gaming took care to ensure that the user can fully experience the atmosphere and appreciate the authors of the Reef Run slot. To this end, was involved qualitative 3D-visualization and harmoniously fit sound accompaniment. These two complement each other perfectly, and the output player gets amazing realistic game.
Despite the fact that the slot has a fairly limited functionality, it has no effect on the productivity and performance of the machine, which, according to general statistics, is 96.4%. Variety Animated characters, a special scatter sign, free spins reels – all this guarantees the player a dynamic and exciting process from which it will be hard to come off. The original idea and its quality implementation proves that despite its young age, the company Yggdrasil Gaming can seriously compete with the most reputable providers of gambling content.