Muse: Wild Inspiration is a slot machine from NetEnt dedicated to the myths of ancient Greece. The machine is equipped with five reels and twenty-five lines. Among the figures there are 2 service symbols: wild and scatter.
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Theme and Graphics
In Greek mythology the Muses are the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. These goddesses are the patronesses of the sciences and arts. Let’s list them with an indication of the sphere of activity each of them is patron of: Melpomene – tragedy, Thalia – comedy, Terpsichora – dance, Clio – history, Calliope – epic poetry, Euterpa – lyric poetry, Erato – love poetry, Polyhymnia – hymns and pantomime, Urania – astronomy.There are also other versions regarding the muses’ origin, their parents, abilities and so on. But these details are unlikely to be of interest to most readers. Therefore, we suggest that we leave mythology and turn to the subject of our discussion – a video slot produced by Net Entertainment, dedicated to muses.This video slot has exciting graphics
The most interesting feature of the Muse: Wild Inspiration video slot is the wild symbol that can expand the entire reel, trigger a re-spin or double the payout of the combination. Free spins are also very beneficial to the user. The game has a good payout percentage and pleasing graphics.

Gameplay and Paylines
Muse: Wild Inspiration is a modern video slot with five reels, twenty-five continuously active lines and three rows of symbols on the screen. The model’s feature set includes original special symbols, free spins and other options. There is no risky odds game.
Play slot machine Muse: Wild Inspiration can be at a rate of one to ten coins per line. The denomination of the coins varies at will in the range from one to fifty cents. Consequently, the maximum bet per spin reaches one hundred and twenty-five euros.
To get the payment of the combination, you need to collect a few of the same symbols on the active line. They should be on the adjacent reels, starting with the first one on the left. The win is calculated on the bet made on the line, and the odds of the combination (up to x500).
Officially declared by the manufacturer theoretical return of Muse: Wild Inspiration slot machine is 97%.

Special Symbols and Bonuses
Now let’s discuss the symbols depicted on the reels of Muse: Wild Inspiration. You’ll see several muses, a harp, a scroll and a feather, brushes, a goblet of wine, grapes and more, including card denominations from ten to ace.
There are two special symbols in Muse: Wild Inspiration slot machine: Wild (muses) and Scatter (sandals with wings).
Wild only appears on the middle three reels and does not pay on its own.
His main job is to replace other symbols (except Scatter) if necessary. Each time he appears on the screen, he triggers one of three functions:

• Expanding Wildthe wild symbol expands across the entire reel.

• X2 Wildthis doubles the payouts of the combinations in which it takes part. If multiple wild symbols appear, the multiplier is increased (up to x8).

• Sticky Wildthe player is entitled to one free spin, during which the Wild remains in its place. “There can be more than one Wild symbol, but there is always one trigger.