Hercules and Pegasus

Hercules and Pegasus

Meet Hercules and Pegasus slot machine from provider Pragmatic Play , the game was released in 2019. Hercules and Pegasus slot has the following features: return percentage 95.5%, 5 spinning reels, 20 paylines, volatility of the game is high. There are bonus games, free spins are available there is a Wild symbol, there is a Scatter symbol and there is a multiplier. Hercules and Pegasus slot machine can be played in automatic mode, there is a "Fast spin" mode.
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Theme and Graphics
The traditional Greek theme is designed in a cartoonish style. Players are presented with the famous Pegasus, whose mane has been painted blue, as well as the no less colourful Hercules. Heroes obviously gathered to do some heroic deeds! Graphics slot made using modern 3D-technology. Bright colours, smooth animation effects and beautiful melody make the gameplay even more exciting. The design of the main and free modes is different.
For some reason, the legendary hero is a redhead with a tiny goatee, while Moose’s favourite is a blue mane and the same colour nose.

Gameplay and Paylines
The high-paying symbols in Hercules and Pegasus are the game’s logo, Greek temple, harp and vase. They have different values; payouts also depend, of course, on the number of icons in the line. Payouts for combinations of 3 of these will be up to 10 coins, and for combinations of 5, up to 2,000. The cheap symbols are the standard card icons from Ace to Ten. Lines made up with 3 of these icons are worth up to 20 coins, and lines with 5 are worth up to 500 coins. Before proceeding directly to the gameplay, you need to bet using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can bet between 0.20 and 100 coins per spin.
Hercules and Pegasus has 20 active lines, giving you an excellent chance of forming combinations on each spin. You have to catch at least 3 of the same symbols in one of the lines to get your payout.
The best symbol in this game is Wild. A line of 5 of these icons can bring you a win of 2,500 coins.
RTP : 96.5%

Special Symbols
The vertical stacks drop only the logo.
The special symbols involved are:

• Wild (Pegasus and Hercules) is featured on all reels. It forms combinations paid at maximum odds. If necessary, the Wild substitutes for simple icons, playing the role of a joker.

• Wild (Pegasus only) and Wild (Hercules only) are additional jokers. They are activated during the prize features discussed below.

• Zeus (Zeus) drops stacks in bonus runs. Read about them later in the article too.

• Bonus (Coin, Pegasus and Hercules) are three different pictures. The coin is drawn on the first and third reels, while the heroes appear in the fifth column. If at least three of these symbols appear on the field at the same time, bonus draws begin.

Bonus Games
One of the following bonus options can be triggered on any pay spin:

• Hercules Wilds – Several additional jokers with the image of Hercules are scattered across the screen. Upon completion of the draw, there is a chance to be part of a free respin.

• Pegasus Wilds – A random number generator adds several Pegasus Wild symbols to the field. There is a chance that all payouts will be calculated at double the odds.

• Bolts of Zeus – Stacked images of Zeus appear on the reels. They all turn into identical pictures. They are selected by the GCG. They can be any of the standard icons.

The player can become a participant in two varieties of free spins:

 • Hercules Free Spins – In Hercules Free Spins, a bottle of yellow drink appears on the fifth reel. When it appears on the field, more jokers are triggered in the game. Their number increases with each appearance of this symbol. The round is completed when the bottle appears five times.

 • Pegasus Free Spins – Pegasus Free Spins also adds a bottle to the fifth reel. It contains a blue drink. Each appearance of this item increases the additional multiplier by one. It is taken into account when calculating all payouts. After the fifth time, the spins end.

In both versions, the number of freespins is not initially known. They can last indefinitely as long as the conditions described above are met.