Around The World

Around The World

Most people like to travel, or at least dream of visiting distant lands while watching their respective television programmes. The slot machine Around the World, released by Microgaming, is dedicated to all those who are not indifferent to this kind of recreation. The slot presents the most famous landmarks of different countries. Its distinctive features are amazing payout ratios and a bright bonus game.
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Symbols and odds in Around the World
To get to the basic information about the gameplay, click on the View Pays button. The section that opens has all the information about the symbols, of which there are 11 in Around the World. Two images play the role of the “wild” characters, they replace the standard images in prize combinations.

The first wild is made in the form of a logo online slot. He brings winnings and for their own combinations. With a line bet equal to one, the rewards for his sequences will be 5, 100, 1,000 and 5,000 coins. The second “wild” symbol depicts a traveller.
Firstly, this wild doubles the prizes for combinations in which it plays the role of a regular symbol.
Secondly, the winnings for the traveler sequences are also there and they are the biggest in the machine: 15, 200, 2,000 and 10,000 line bets. Wild symbol combinations must match the standard prize combinations to have payouts.

The Scatter symbol of Around the World slot is in the form of a compass. Combinations of this image does not depend on the location of the pictures:

• three compasses in any cell of the reels brings two total bets;
• four – 10;
• five – 25.

Once scatter symbols appear, the arrows rotate on them in turn. If one compass has an arrow pointing north, the winnings for the combination of scatter symbols are doubled. If two, then four times; three, eight times; four, 16 times; five, 32 times. Thus, the maximum win for a combination of compasses is 800 total bets.
The bonus symbol with the image of a globe must appear in the prize combination for an extra round to be triggered. The initial bet in the bonus game depends on the number of globes in the sequence. With three bonus symbols the initial winnings are 160 line bets, with four it is 480, with five it is 1,600.
There are seven standard symbols in Around the World. Their odds are multiplied by the line bet. The winnings for the standard symbols are different:

• for the camel, 2, 15 and 50 line bets;
• for the elephant, 3, 15 and 75;
• for the sailboat, 3, 20 and 100;
• for the train, 4, 25 and 125;
• for a ship, 5, 35 and 150.

Balloon odds are 10, 50 and 200. Aeroplane combinations bring the user 15, 100 and 300 line bets each.

Bonus game
As a reminder, a prize combination of three, four or five globes triggers the Bonus Game. The starting bet in this game is the reward for a sequence of bonus symbols. The user has several options of how this game will unfold:

• pick up the entire payout and return to regular spins;
• Take away a part of the prize and continue to participate in the bonus game;
• run an additional round, risking all of the winnings.

The first point is made with the Collect All button, the second with the Collect Half key.

In the bonus game, the gambler must choose one of four routes on which to travel around the world. Each of the routes has a branching into two roads: back to London and to the death of the traveller. That’s why the bonus game has its share of risk: if the player is unlucky on the road, he will lose his bet.
If the user successfully reaches the endpoint of the route, however, his bet is increased by a certain coefficient. It depends on the number of coins the player has collected along the way. As some routes overlap, there are several options for the odds.
If the player has collected one coin, his winnings are reduced by half. If two treasures are collected, the winnings do not change. Three coins increase the bet by 2 times, four coins by 3, and five coins by 4. After a successful route, the user again has the choice described in the first paragraph of this paragraph.
If the traveller fails to reach London, however, the user receives no reward and returns to the normal spins.