Endorphina's Twerk video slot focuses on the popular dance trend called twerking. The online slot was first introduced at ICE Totally Gaming 2016. The main symbols in the slot are buttocks. When prize combinations come up, the images "come to life" and the icons play a video clip of a twerking performance.
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Theme and gameplay
Twerk is a slot machine with three reels, five fixed lines and nine pictures on the main screen.
Up to a hundred coins of €0.01, €0.10, €0.50, €1, €2 or €5 can be bet per line in the official slot demo. The theoretical range of bets per round is incredibly wide: from five cents to two and a half thousand euros. Of course, not all online casinos will offer such limits, so it’s best to clarify this point on the spot.
The game features not only simple pictures, but also symbols with special features. There are also additional features such as a tie-breaker game, themed bonus round and free spins.
Winning combinations are formed only from three of the same element, which must be in any of the five involved strips. There can be no more than five chains in a single spin.
The payout is determined by two parameters: the stake per line and the coefficient of the resulting sequence (from x3 to x500). The calculation is made by multiplying them. If there is more than one combination, the credits are added up.
The client can take part in the doubling game, which is triggered at will when any payout is accrued. Here you will see one open card and several closed cards. You need to flip any of the cards lying face up. If it’s higher than the dealer’s card, your payout is doubled. If it’s lower, you lose. A draw is also possible. You’re allowed to play several times in a row, but you can quit at any time, even after seeing an open card.

Special symbols
You’ve probably guessed by now that the reels of the Twerk slot feature sexy female butts, mostly in short shorts. There are seven base images in the game. They can appear as long bars, taking up the whole columns or the whole screen.

There is also one special element:

• Scatter (the golden letters VS)Three of these symbols appearing anywhere on the screen give a payout of twenty-five total bets. Then the Battle Feature prize round begins.

Free Spins
• Battle FeatureBefore the start of the round, a girl is randomly selected to be your dancer. She is opposed by an opponent, who is also chosen at random. Then the free spins begin. Betting in them makes the institution. On free spins winner is selected. It becomes the girl in the spin which had more winning combinations. The more successful your dancer will perform (in other words, the more active and seductive she will move her ass), the bigger the prize payout will be.
• Risk GameTo win, the gambler must pick a better card than the dealer. The Joker only appears to the gambler. You can risk up to ten times.