Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is an online video slot with a playing field of 5 reels and 40 fixed lines. The Quickspin machine has scatter, two types of wild symbols, Pirate Attack feature, Bonus Pick, Island Hop Bonus, Treasure Hunt and a freespin prize round. The maximum payout for a prize combination is 1000 credits.
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Theme and Gameplay
Treasure Island, which we want to talk about in this review, has one trump card that allows it to stand out from the rest of the slots. It’s released by Quickspin, and that brand doesn’t come out with corny slots, even if they’re about themes that have been developed by many manufacturers. So, we definitely recommend that you try your luck in search of pirate treasure in Treasure Island video slot.
Treasure Island is a five reel slot machine with a wide variety of special characters, themed bonus rounds, free spins, and more. In a video slot, the pictures line up on the screen in four rows.
Play on the slot machine Treasure Island can only forty lines, and each of them is taken at a rate of one cent to ten euros. It is also mandatory additional bonus rate, which is equal to ten normal rates per line. Accordingly, the spin is allowed to put up to five hundred euros.
Nothing unusual in the principles of formation of combinations in the Treasure Island video slot no. You need to get to an active line of three, four or five identical images. Pictures must go in a row, starting with the first reel. Your winnings depend on the line bet and the combination odds (max. x500). Read about all the exceptions in the next section.
There is no round for doubling the payout in Treasure Island slot machine. The theoretical return of the model is 97.07%.

Special Symbols
In a slot machine Treasure Island you will meet with the heroes of the well-known story about the treasure of pirates hidden on a deserted island, which told the world the writer Robert Stevenson. However, the reels of a video slot also shows additional characters, because its creators have allowed themselves to show imagination and depart from the plot of the famous novel. Also in the game you can see letters and numbers that stand for the face value of playing cards from ten to ace.
Special characters in Treasure Island slot machine are Stacked Wild (gold in a chest), Bonus (compass) and TNT Wild (barrel with explosives).

 • Stacked Wild – These are wild symbols that run in lines and can even replace other wild symbols if they end up in the right position. Can occupy the entire reel or even the whole screen.

 • TNT Wild – These are also Wild, but they only appear one at a time. If two or more of these symbols appear at the same time during a spin, the Pirate Attack bonus starts.

There are three more Wilds in the game, which only appear in bonus rounds.

 • Bonus starts the bonus game of the Treasure Island video slot. This requires three of these pictures falling somewhere on the reels (only on the first, third and fifth). You will see a map with numerous islands. You will have to choose them in random order. An island can hide a prize payout, a few extra spins and extra symbols (various Wilds).

You may also qualify for the Treasure Hunt game.

Bonus Games
There are several bonus games in the Treasure Island video slot: Pirate Attack, Treasure Hunt and Bonus Spins.
During the Pirate Attack round only TNT Wilds remain on the screen. Behind them floats a pirate ship, which begins shooting at the reels of a video slot Treasure Island cores. In the positions where they fall, there are additional Wild. Then all the Wild are kept in their places, and in the remaining cells fall new pictures. If combinations are formed, they pay out.
In the Treasure Hunt game, you have to search for treasure on the map. You will learn the details directly in the process.
In free spins, the game is played at the current rate and with the additional features that you were able to activate in the preceding them. Combination payouts are made at different odds. They are listed in a separate table.