Sugar Parade

Sugar Parade

Sugar Parade is a slot from Microgaming. The developer has decided to dedicate the game to various sweets. Sugar Parade has 5 reels with symbols in the form of cakes, sweets, cupcakes, ice cream and other confectionery.
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Theme and Graphics
The developers of online casino software don’t forget about sweet tooth. From time to time, well-known manufacturers release mouth-watering video slots with sweets, cakes, pies and other “goodies” on the reels. Let’s take a look at Sugar Parade from Microgaming.
It will take you to a world where the Sugar King rules the people made of the same dough. The majestic monarch has led his courtiers out in a parade, and all we have to do is admire the hilarious spectacle and fight for the payouts, which are accrued in various ways.
This is a fun model with interesting characters, lucrative free spins, win-win bonus rounds, large payout ratios and other virtues.
The disadvantages are the odds table, which isn’t very handy and opens up in a small window on top of the reels.

Gameplay and Paylines
Sugar Parade slot machine has five reels and fifteen continuously active lines. The pictures are located on a 5×3 grid.
Up to five chips worth between one cent and one dollar can be placed on the lines. The total amount at stake varies between $0.15 and $75.
The list of features available in Sugar Parade consists of base pictures, bonus symbols, jokers, scatters, free spins, prize payouts and additional multipliers.
The standard icons make up winning chains of several of the same elements. They line up from left to right on the strips in use. No matter how many pictures are in the sequence, the payout is due only for the most valuable variant in this case.
It is calculated on the bet per line, which is multiplied by the coefficient provided for the combination. In Sugar Parade it ranges from x2 to x7500. If there are several combinations in one round, the credits are added up.

Special symbols
When you open the Sugar Parade video slot, you’ll see candy, caramels, cakes and other sweets on the screen. Also on the reels are letters representing the denominations of a king, queen and ace from a deck of playing cards.
Special symbols are also used:

 • Wild forms combinations with impressive odds and replaces simple pictures in the chains.

 • Scatter pays regardless of its location in the columns, and winnings are calculated on the total bet. Three scatters are the start of the Free Spins.

 • Bonus starts the bonus round when a continuous chain of three, four or five of these elements is formed on a line.
Payouts in the table are displayed at the current bet.

Bonus Games
Sugar Parade has the following rewards involved:

 • Free Spins – Regardless of the number of scatters that start the round, the free spins are initially ten. They run on casino money at the rate from the previous draw. All payouts here are tripled. The bonus spins can be renewed.

 • Bonus Game – Sweets appear on the additional screen. They must be selected in any order. Three, four or five tries are available. All the icons hide the payouts. The range of amounts depends on the bet at which the game was played.