Robin Of Sherwood

Robin Of Sherwood

Microgaming and manufacturer Rabcat have released a slot based on the Robin Hood outlaw ballad. The slot features 3×5 game reels and Microgaming's classic 243 paylines. The game itself is an archery match - King's team against Robin Hood's team.
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Theme and Graphics
Rabcat Studios and Microgaming present Robin of Sherwood, a slot machine based on the English ballads about the noble robber Robin Hood. It is hardly necessary to tell readers who the semi-legendary character of medieval lore was. Numerous novels, feature films, songs and cartoons are dedicated to him.
Pros: colorful design, bright characters, spectacular animation, combinations without lines, special characters with enhanced features, exciting bonuses.
Cons: Low RTP.

Gameplay and Paylines
The Robin of Sherwood slot machine has five reels, three rows of symbols on the screen and 243 possible combinations formed without active strips.
Bet per round is a multiple of twenty. It ranges from 0.20 to 40 euros.
Basic pictures, a joker with advanced features, scatters, an equal chance risk game, free spins with unusual features and additional bonuses are available.
Paying sequences are made up of three, four or five of the same elements. The icons can fall in any cell of the adjacent columns, but the chains must start from the first column. There may be more than one in a single spin.
Winnings are calculated on multipliers from x3 to x1000 and the current bet (assuming 1/20th of the total amount at stake). The accrued money can be withdrawn to the balance or risk in the doubling round.
If you opt for the second option, a new window will open. You will see Robin’s fiancée with a bow and two targets. You need to indicate which target to shoot the arrow at. If the girl hits the bullseye, the payout is doubled. If she misses, you lose money. You can play up to five times in a row. The odds of winning are 50:50.
Robin of Sherwood RTP: 95.8%

Special Symbols 
The video slot reels feature the heroes of legend: Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham, the Maid Marian, Little John and Friar Tuck. Columns also feature colourful flags with the letters J, Q, K and A. Identical items can appear in vertical stacks.

The special icons are as follows:

 • Wild (three arrows) is the joker. It is drawn on all the reels, but only forms combinations of five pictures. It also replaces symbols other than scatters and takes part in prize draws.

 • Scatter (target) starts the freespins. These are triggered when three or more scatters appear anywhere on the screen.

Bonus games
Next, about the prize features:

• Free Spins – Three, four or five scatters trigger ten free spins, held for casino funds. These trigger the Royal Clearing bonus. It has been covered above in the review.

• Royal Clearing Feature – In every second freespin, one letter is removed from the reels. First the Jack, then the Queen, then the King and finally the Ace will disappear. Accordingly, only the most valuable pictures end up in the draw.

• Wild Turning Feature – In any simple or free spin Robin Hood can choose one column and hit all the letters (J, Q, K and A) in that column with an arrow. They will turn into jokers and help form combinations.