In the early twenties, there was a total ban on the production and sale of alcohol in the United States. It was a boom period for gangsters, as they successfully built up a lucrative business by selling whisky brewed underground. This era is dedicated free slot machine Prohibition company EvoPlay. It has incredible three-dimensional graphics, many exciting features and a lot of other original features that you just can not leave without attention.
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Theme and Gameplay
Prohibition is a 5-reel 3D video slot with nine active strips, which users can change at their own discretion. Each line takes from one to a hundred coins of 0.01, 0.10, 1 or 10 credits in the currency of the customer’s choice. Accordingly, play on a slot machine Prohibition can be in an incredible range of rates per spin: from one cent to nine thousand credits.
Pictures on the screen are arranged in three rows. The set of features available includes the usual symbols, special elements, the odds game and several themed bonus rounds. All of them are explained in detail in the overview.
The user can receive payouts in different ways: by combinations, in the doubling round and prize games. Let’s start with the first one. Winning in Prohibition is considered a continuous chain of identical pictures located on the active lines. They should start with the first reel on the left. The exception is the scatter, which is discussed below. As usual, the payout is only for the oldest sequence on a single line.
Developers from Evoplay have given you the opportunity to go back in time and experience everything for yourself. You will have the chance to earn up to 2000 credits per spin on the forbidden drink. You can change the stakes in Prohibition slot from 20 to 400 coins and the number of lines is fixed at twenty.

Special symbols
The game’s developers have presented an interesting set of themed images. On the reels of the slot you will see gangsters, a microphone on stage, a criminal code, a handbag and necklace, a cigar in an ashtray, a case of underground whisky and other pictures relevant to the Prohibition era. Some of these, while paid according to the general rules, also take part in triggering bonus games.
Now consider the special features of Wild (the musician with the double bass), Scatter (the bottle and glass of whisky) and Bonus (the black car).

• Wild is only used to replace other symbols in combinations. It does not pay on its own. It cannot be used in place of a scatter or bonus image.

• Scatter is paid regardless of its location on the screen, and payouts are based on the total bet for the round. In addition, from three symbols start ten free spins, in which the bet for the customer is made by the casino.

• Bonus starts one of the three Prohibition bonus games.

• Freespins. Two dozen free spins will get you three or more scatters.

• Bags. By collecting payable chains of these symbols, you will acquire a gun into your arsenal. A collection of 10 pieces will activate the Accuracy Test Game. You’ll need to shoot the bottles to receive your reward.

• Bonus Game. This is triggered by 3 black cars and you’ll have to scour the smugglers’ warehouse for the reward.

• Extra Bonus. This is given after the free spins. Choose one of the three cards to earn a boost or new free spins.