There are dozens (maybe even more than a hundred) of pirate-themed slot machines in online casinos, but for experienced pirate enthusiasts, Pirate by Igrosoft will always be the top slot. Once this machine was in incredible demand in the arcades, and today it is found in many online casinos.
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The Pirate slot machine has five reels, nine lines and fifteen pictures on the screen. You can use one, three, five, seven or all nine lanes to form combinations. The bets on them will always be equal, but the range is advised to clarify directly in the casino.
The model offers customers simple and special symbols, free spins, a bonus round, a chance game and other options.
Combinations are formed according to very attractive rules. Several identical pictures are required, which must be placed on adjacent reels. They may start with the first reel from left to right or from the last column in the opposite direction. In any case, the winnings are given only for the longest chain on a single strip.

Special Symbols and Paylines
Combinations are formed on prize lines from several of the same symbols. In Pirate slot machine sequences are counted from left to right as well as from right to left, which increases the chance of winning. Payouts are calculated according to the stake per line and the coefficient of the formed combination (from x2 to x5000). If there is more than one combination, winnings are summed up.

Pirate slot machine symbols are divided into expensive and cheap. The former give large prizes regardless of the number of symbols in a winning sequence, the latter bring smaller prizes and their value depends on the number of images in the combination.

Winning scheme: line bet multiplied by the appropriate multiplier. The multipliers are allocated in the following way:

• a card increases the line bet by 5,000 times, regardless of the number of symbols in the sequence;
• a portrait of a pirate – 2,000 times;
• cannon – 500;
• bomb – 200;
• gun – 10, 30, 100 for three, four and five symbols respectively;
• dirks – 5, 10, 50;
• hook – 3, 5, 20;
• spyglass – 2, 3, 10.

A special symbol is the portrait of a pirate. This is the wild, which substitutes for all other images, helping to complete combinations.

The two bonus symbols are a chest and a barrel of rum, which are used to trigger the bonus rounds.

Slot machine Pirate offers two bonus games. The first is activated if three or more chests appear on the reels. The user clicks on these symbols and receives prizes, but the round ends if the selected chest is a skeleton, or when the player will open all the chests.
The second bonus game starts when three or more rum barrels appear on the reels. Ten barrels placed in a circle appear on the screen, with two rotating dice in the centre.
The user presses one of the dice, they stop. Then a number of barrels is counted according to the number on the dice. The counting starts with the barrel which is indicated by the cannon. The selected barrel is opened, the player takes the prize and then the round is repeated. The round is completed by selecting an already opened barrel.