Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is a fantastic football game that makes you an addict in a bizarre manner. The goalkeeper plays the best custodian role.
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How to Play Penalty Shootout
• Select the bet per kick from the screen bottom. The bet amount ranges between 0.1 and
• Decide on the goal and get ready to kick the ball.
• If you know football, then you’re lucky to attract the highest odds of 12.
• The right side corner and the bottom left goal will bring you odds of 3, and punting down the middle will give you 5.
• A continuous top corner booting will get you the highest odds of 12/1.
• Make a track of your spins in the history and review them to understand the best way to play the game in future.

Jackpot and Winning Combinations
Penalty Shootout offers different RTP at different places. When you place a goal in the lower right or left corner, it is 96.90%; for the upper left and right, it is 97.20%; in the centre, it is 96%.

Bonus and Online Casinos
There are no special bonuses or free spin, and you only stand a chance to win a maximum of a 12x multiplier depending on where you place a goal, and then that is the magic of the RTP.
It is available to play online on your PC. Unfortunately, no mobile version is available yet.

Play for Free or Real Money
You can learn football by opting to play this gambling option for free. Just click on the kick button to test your skills in scoring a goal. When you decide to play for real money, then choose the best online casino offering a generous welcome bonus. Create your account and make your first deposit to start gambling.