Olympic Champion

Olympic Champion

Olympic Champion slot by Novomatic comes with 9 pay lines, 3 rows and 5 reels. Win your prize taking part in the Olympic Games!
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Olympic Champion Slots
Think you have what it takes to become a gold medallist? Do you possess the necessary strength and stamina to go up against the world’s best athletes? That’s all very well and good, but it’s unlikely to count for much when you play Olympic Champion, the 5-reel video slot from software developer Novomatic. To bag the booty in this game, you just need to ride your luck and hope for the best. Casinos have never been meritocracies, though guile and technique can definitely play a part. Whilst the game does have its fair share of ancient symbolism there is enough novelty factor for it to fit somewhere between the usual ancient Greek themed slots and a sports slot style.
Choose which country you want to represent, channel your nationalistic fervour and lead your team to bumper cash prizes. What could be simpler?

Winnings Worthy Of A Champion
While this game has only 9 paylines, Olympic winnings are certainly a possibility. Many of the symbols up for grabs are highly valuable and can bring in the coins pretty swiftly.

The image of the ancient Greek Olympians is the lowest value symbol on the reels, but it can still bring in a few slot machine credits. If you’re able to land a combination of five, you’ll receive 100 coins, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. The other, more valuable symbols are the images of a runner and a gold medal. The runner can bring in as many as 250 coins if you land a combo of five, while the gold medal can earn you 500 coins. Minimum bet, incidentally, is 1, while the maximum is 900.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the real value lies in the Olympic rings symbol and the Olympic flame symbol. All it takes is four Olympic rings in a row and you’ll have earned an impressive 200 coins; five in a row, meanwhile, delivers 1,000 coins.

The payouts for Olympic flame symbols are as follows. Three matching symbols will pay out 100 coins, while four is worth 1,000 and five worth a massive 5,000 coins. As you would expect, getting five of the Olympic flame symbols in a row is no mean feat, though the prize represents an enticing carrot.

Wear A Medal With Honour
If you’re lucky or skilled enough to be a gold medallist, you could win the gold standard in bonus prizes. If you’re able to get three of the scatter symbols on the reels at the same time, you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins. The scatter symbols in this game are the different coloured laurel wreaths, so keep an eye out for when they fall.
These free spins are naturally highly valuable on their own, but there’s more to it than that. During free spins, the scatter symbols will be converted into wilds. This means you’ll have more wilds than ever appearing on the reels; and because this game is known for its retriggering free spins, there’s a genuine chance of making some real winnings, especially if you’re able to land a few symbols in combos of five.

Gamble For Gold
Novomatic slots are nothing if not predictable, and Olympic Champion – just like the rest of them – includes a bonus gamble feature. This can be accessed on the control panel whenever you’ve won a bet. The bonus game is as easy as pie and involves guessing the colour of the card that is next drawn at random from the deck. If you guess correctly, you’re given a 2x multiplier. If you guess again and are correct, you’ll win a gold standard 5x multiplier. Make sure you play this game mode with caution, though. One incorrect guess and you’ll lose those multipliers and the coins from your winning bet to boot.