Ninja’s Path

Ninja’s Path

It seems that the Far East is the current hot trend withinthe world of online slots, with the latest release from Novomatic certainly putting weight behind that way of thinking. There are certainly plenty of twists and turns to being a ninja, which probably explains why the way of the ninja is an ideal theme for an online slots title. Novomaticcreated this Ninja themed slot, Ninja’s Path and it is a game that delivers all action fun.
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Ninja’s Path Slot
Seemingly the “it” theme of the moment, it looks like the latest release from Novomatic (in cooperation with Big Wave Gaming) is also following the Far East trend when it comes to Asian themed slots. The path of a ninja is one that comes with many twists and turns. Given that this is the case, it has made for perfect online slot game inspiration. Taking up the cause to create something that lives up the ninja way of life is Novomatic, who have recently unveiled Ninja’s Path.
Ninja’s Path puts players into the mindset of a stealthy warrior, as they look to sneak in-between the reels to win big prizes

Move Like A Ninja
The theme of the game is Asian style martial arts. Ninja’s Path centers on a storyline concerned with infiltrating the world of espionage in Japan. It is presented as an Eastern adventure that players can navigate their way through. Along the way, bars of gold and secret scrolls appear, which can aid a player in their journey, while enemies in the form of samurais and geishas can do the opposite. Those with any eye on securing the game’s main jackpot should keep an eye out for the shinobi assassin, who is often disguised in a gold mask. Eek!

Walking Through The Fire
When the game’s lead character steps through the fire, the Free Spin round is unlocked and additional twists await. Shurikens are the scatter symbol that players need to look out for, because when they get at least three on the reels they automatically earn coveted free spins. If multiple ninjas show up on the reels during a free spin it leads to even more free spins and doubles or triples the winning amount, depending on how many ninjas make an appearance. This is referred to as the Ninja Feature. Just the face of one ninja appearing on the reels gets a player a 5x multiplier that they can put to good use in any subsequent free games. When the ninja appears in consecutive free spin rounds it will grant a player a bankroll boosting 9x multiplier.

Players should also be on the lookout for the golden masked warrior that serves as the coveted wild symbol. This gives players the feeling that they are interacting with a ninja and adds to the excitement of the game tenfold.

A Ninja’s Path Is A Clear Path
The graphics used in this game make it both fun and interesting to play, as they come with a distinct Far East flavour. Younger players who have an affiliation with video games will certainly appreciate the amazing graphics on show. Sadly unlike video games you won’t find any cheat codes available! Bright vivid colors are used to represent each symbol, with the symbols coming alive when players get a winning combination on the reels. This motivates players to continue with the game just to see the different animations available. When the ninja symbol lands on one of the reels, the ninja springs into action adding to game’s level of excitement.

Taking A Free Ride
Players have the ability to experience Ninja’s Path for free if they fancy trying it on for size before wagering. No money will be on the line, but the game’s demo mode will allow players to get a feel for how Ninja Path works. If you don’t mind playing without a jackpot to aim for, look to take a free ride and demo Ninja’s Path.

The Path To Glory
Ninja’s Path is a slot game like no other, as its unique Ninja Feature really helps separate it from the rest. For anyone who enjoys an action packed slot game experience, Ninja’s Path is one slot game that will certainly command attention. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as with any other slot machine, Ninja’s Path certainly has its fans. Many players have reviewed this game and said that even though they tried it on a whim they really enjoyed it and would play it again. The maximum bet a player can make on one spin is 25 coins, which they can then turn into a 6,000-coin jackpot if they hit the right combination of symbols.