Neptune’s Kingdom

Neptune’s Kingdom

Neptune’s Kingdom is one of the most straightforward slots out there. Created by classic slot developer Playtech, this game is themed after the depths of the Sea God’s domain.
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Neptune’s Kingdom Slot

As each year goes by, the number of active online casino developers only continues to grow. Now there are so many brands out there looking to grab a piece of the “pie”, to the point where competition is high.
Situating itself at the very top of the pile is Playtech, as they’ve been no strangers to successful online slot releases over the years. Taking things down to a whole new “level”, Playtech is setting sail across the seven seas with its latest creation Neptune’s Kingdom.
Real money online slot games that are based amidst the open water are hardly uncommon, so Neptune’s Kingdom is joining a competitive crowd. Hoping to power through rival games, is Neptune’s Kingdom a game that’s up to muster? Read our review below to find out!

The Force of Neptune
It has been said before that you really can’t go wrong when you choose to base an online slot game around the open seas. This is something that the Neptune’s Kingdom video slot backs up, as the game carries a certain pirate charm to it. Like a traditional classic Playtech title, it crams all aspects of the game onto the screen, little pirate ship and all.

The symbols in the game also carry a deep-sea vibe, as you’ll see fish, sunken treasure chests, crabs, and even Poseidon’s “fork”. While this game is hardly a production values powerhouse, Playtech has certainly been able to make Neptune’s Kingdom a charming affair.

Reeling in the Fish
Free Neptune’s Kingdom slot is a game that stands by the rules of tradition when it comes to gameplay, so you can expect cut and dry action here. What this also means is that the game is effortlessly easy to control.
From a single screen, players can tweak every aspect of the game, setting it up how they see fit. When you are ready to jump into the action, there is a select few symbols to look out for.
In terms of value, the fish and lobster symbols bring up the rear. So, while they will certainly put cash in your back pocket, it won’t be much. The symbols that can really give your coins balance a timely boost are the trident and the mermaid, as both of these are linked to the biggest payouts in this Playtech gambling release.

This slot plays on 3 reels and offers up to 5 paylines, with bets ranging from €0.01 to €25. There are no gimmicks of any kind here, just natural and intuitive 3-of-a-kind combinations. There are six symbols: orange fish, crab, green fish, trident, mermaid and treasure chest.
The treasure chest plays the role of a make-believe jackpot, with 3 on a line awarding 100-150 coin, progressing along with the line number on which they appeared. Besides the miniscule max win, the rest of the symbols offer solid coin, with 20 to 50 for different symbols.