Legend Of The White Snake Lady

Legend Of The White Snake Lady

Legend of the White Snake Lady is an online slots game from Yggdrasil Gaming that offers players an impressive and exciting online gaming experience. From its beautiful graphics to its unique gameplay, this slot never stops entertaining players as they spin the reels. As a mobile-optimised slot game, Legend of the White Snake Lady is available on tablets and smartphones, as well as on desktop devices.
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Legend of the White Snake Lady is based on one of the oldest Chinese folk tales, Madam White Snake. In this tale, a snake yearns to joins the human world and fall in love. She eventually makes her way here and meets a man that she marries and has a child with. Her romance is forbidden by a monk, and she is locked beneath a pagoda. When her son becomes and adult and learns what happened to his mother, he offers himself in return for his mother. The gods are pleased with his willingness to sacrifice himself for a loved one and they let Madame White Snake free.
This tale has been passed down through generations for thousands of years and it has been recreated as operas and movies. However, it is never yet been made into an online slots game. Yggdrasil Gaming has done a fantastic job of breathing new life into the story of Madam White Snake, as this online slot features stunning graphics that will captivate any player.

Win All Ways Format
In Yggdrasil Gaming’s Madam White Snake online slot, winning combinations are determined in a unique way. Usually, online slots games require three or more matching symbols to land on a single payline in order to offer up payouts. In this game, matching symbols can appear anywhere so long as they are on consecutive reels. If two or more matching symbols land on the same reel in a winning combination, an extra multiplier is added to increase the payout. As such, there are some hugely generous prizes up for grabs in this great new online slot.
There is also a wide betting range, between 25c and $125 per spin. As such, it is a flexible game that will accommodate the budgets of most high roller players and penny slots players. So, no matter what your budget limitations are, you’ll still be able to feel comfortable playing Legend of the White Snake Lady.
Generous Re-Spins Whenever a wild symbol lands on the middle reel, the player will receive one re-spin. If another wild lands during the re-spin, the process repeats itself. This makes for a bonus round that can be triggered quite frequently and ensures that players can earn bonus prizes directly from the base game. The bonus adds a whole new level of excitement and offers up a fantastic online gaming experience for all players.

Multi-Platform Gaming
Legend of the White Snake Lady has been developed with HTML5 technology, so it can be played on both mobile and desktop devices. It has been optimised for cross-platform play, so you’ll have the same great experience with high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay no matter how you choose to play this Yggdrasil Gaming title.
Disclaimer: Legend of the White Snake Lady trademark / license is owned by Yggdrasil Gaming.