Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest

Booming Games' online video slot Harvest Fest takes centre stage in Zhongqiu, the Chinese moon and harvest festival. All the elements here are authentic: colourful dragon masks, paper lanterns, national costumes and sweets. The music of zithers and flutes immerses you in the enchanting atmosphere of the game, available only at our base.
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Theme and Gameplay
There are five picture reels in the online Harvest Festival slot machine. When they are at rest, three symbols are visible on each.
You can play on one to twenty-five active strips needed to make combinations. They are allowed to make equal rates: from 0.03 to three dollars on a single line. All in all, not less than three cents and not more than seventy-five dollars can be at stake.
Proposed in Harvest Fest gameplay options selection consists of paying chains composed of simple pictures, a few special characters, as well as free spins with additional features.
Standard images pay by forming a continuous series of multiple identical elements on the involved strips. They must always start with the first column on the left. As usual, only the most valuable option in each case is taken into account, but on different lines in a single spin can be several chains.
The winnings are calculated by multiplying the line bet by the coefficient of the obtained combination, specified in the table. It varies from x2 to x10000.
All the money awarded for a spin is automatically withdrawn to the main account. There is no equal odds game in Harvest Fest.

Special Symbols
The reels of Harvest Fest video slot feature a guy and a girl, a funny rabbit with a stupa, a dragon mask, Chinese lanterns and pagodas, and card denominations from seven (!) to king.
The special elements are as follows:

• The Wild (the Chinese woman) forms combinations that pay at very high odds. In addition, it replaces other pictures in sequences, except for scatters. In such cases, he is able to double the standard odds.

• Scatter (cake) brings payments, being in any cell on the screen. They are calculated on the total bet. From three scatters start the free spins.

The payout table contains all the necessary information about the pictures.

Free spins
Three, four or five Scatter triggers ten free slot rounds for casino money. Bet size and number of lines remain unchanged until the end of the free spins. The spins can be extended.
During the bonus spins the gameplay is automatic, but you can speed it up with the start button.