Frog Grog

Frog Grog

Frog Grog is a Thunderkick slot machine with a magic theme. The slot's playing field consists of 5 reels and 23 fixed lines. A special feature of the online slot is the progressive multiplier, which increases after each successful spin. The list of symbols includes Wild. It supplements the prize combinations if they are missing pictures.
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Theme and Graphics
Ever wanted to try your hand at magic, brew a magic potion or create a miraculous artifact? Thunderkick has made that possible with their online slot machine Frog Grog. The action takes place in the house of a witch, witch or alchemist. Whoever the character is, he’s experimenting with various ingredients, trying to create something supernatural.
It is gratifying that the company Thunderkick continues to produce unusual models with original gameplay features and unconventional design solutions. This slot has a cool combination system, additional multipliers and bonuses.
Quite impressive graphics and a captivating melody in the background

Gameplay and Paylines
Frog Grog is a five-reel video slot with twenty-three fixed lines and fifteen pictures on the main screen. The bet per round ranges from ten cents to a hundred euros.
The game has simple pictures, symbols with special features, an interesting system of forming combinations with additional multipliers, themed bonuses and other options.
Basic images become payable when they form continuous sequences of three, four or five of the same elements on active strips. Exceptions are discussed below. Chains must start from the first column on the left. Only the most valuable variant is counted for each line.
The payout is determined by two parameters: the bet per line and the coefficient of the resulting combination (from x5 to x250). In case of multiple winnings in one spin, the credits are added up.
Once the money is paid in a chain, the symbols that make up the combination disappear. At the same time, the pictures above them remain in their places. The empty cells are filled with new elements. If a winning sequence is formed again, the payout is calculated taking into account the multiplier x2. If the series continues, the additional multiplier increases by a chain of x3, x5 and a maximum of x7.
When the process is complete, all the money is automatically withdrawn to the account. There is no equal odds game here.
RTP : 96.1%

Special Symbols
Instead of the traditional reels, the Frog Grog slot screen features a shelf with fifteen shelves. On them appear various bottles, flasks and other containers with all kinds of herbs, liquids, insects and other ingredients for magic potions.
Identical pictures can go in columns in stripes and fill all three cells vertically.
In addition, Frog Grog has a special symbol:

 • Wild (the frog) is used to substitute for missing elements in combinations if necessary. It can replace any other picture. In addition, the Wild, when paid, destroys all the items located in the same column and on the same strip. These cells are filled with new symbols.

There are no Scatters or traditional Free Spins in this model.

Bonus Games
The machine offers you one prize game:

 • Mystery Game can start on any spin without any additional conditions. All pictures except moths, flowers and frogs are removed from the screen. The disappearing symbols pay out as if they had formed a chain (up to five pictures in one).