Freemasons’ Fortune

Freemasons’ Fortune

The Freemasons' Fortune slot machine from Booming Games has a centuries-old mystery for you to solve. Together with the alchemist, you must prepare everything for the ritual. Check the stash behind the portrait on the wall, find the rings of the members of the order and don't forget the two-headed eagle.
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The video slot discussed in this article has three reels and nine positions for the pictures on the main screen. There are also nine active strips to form combinations, but not all lines can be used.
On each of the positions allowed to put from three cents to three dollars. So that the stakes can be as little as three cents, and the maximum reaches twenty-seven dollars (in individual casinos may be different limits).
Freemasons Fortune features simple symbols, pictures with enhanced features, free spins with more favorable terms, and additional gameplay options.
The formation of winning chains from the standard elements takes place on the active lines. This requires three identical images to line up on any of the chains.
To calculate the payout the bet on this line is multiplied by the coefficient of the combination. It ranges from x3 to x77. There are a total of seven possible winning sequences in the game, including special symbols.
Read about bonuses and unusual situations in the next section. There is no doubling game in Freemasons Fortune.

Special symbols
The reels of this video slot feature rings and letters, a portrait, a skull and crossbones and mysterious symbols relating to the Masonic movement. The symbols can completely fill not only individual columns, but even the entire screen.
Next, pictures endowed with advanced capabilities:

• Wild
is able to pay by itself, forming combinations on the general rules. He can also replace other elements, except for the scatters. To do this, he must fall in the right cell. It also participates in bonuses, as described below.

• Scatter also pays regardless of the other pictures, but it is not tied to the stripes involved and can fall into any position. Three or more scatters on the screen triggers free spins.

Bonus games
The machine has two types of prize rounds:

➊ Free SpinsThree or more Scatter symbols provide the player with ten free spins. The bet for him will be made by the institution. The amount at stake and the number of active strips do not change. The Bonus Spins can be extended.

➋ 2-Way PayIf three Wild symbols appear on the screen, the feature of forming winning chains on both sides of the screen is triggered, valid for ten spins. In other words, each combination of three Wild symbols gives double the payout.