Desert Drag

Desert Drag

Booming Games' new Desert Drag video slot focuses on car races that take place away from cities with their police, traffic and pedestrians. These races were first held on a dried-up salt lake in Bonneville, Utah, but later spread to other regions where the local topography allows them to take place.
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Theme and gameplay
Desert Drag slot machine is a model with five reels and fifteen pictures on the main screen. You can activate from one to nine lines, on which in the process payable chains are formed.
Betting on the active strips will always be equal. The range should be clarified directly in the institution. For example, in casino 777 per line is taken from three cents to three dollars, so the stakes can be no less than $0.03 and no more than twenty-seven dollars.
The game features different types of pictures, additional multipliers and other options discussed below.
Combinations are formed on the active lines on both sides of the screen. According to implemented in Desert Drag Perma 2-Way Pay, payable sequences can be built from left to right, starting with the first reel, or from right to left of the last column. Either way, the payout is only for the longest chain on each position.
Payouts are calculated by multipliers from x3 to x10000, assigned to certain combinations. They are multiplied by the line bet. There can be several winning sequences. The accrued credits are added up.
There is no doubling round in Desert Drag.

How to play?
When you start the game, it first opens a darkened screen with concise captions explaining the purpose of all the main interface elements.
In general, the control panel is simple and straightforward. It has the following buttons and boxes:

• Bet per Line – selecting the bet per line
• Lines – determination of the active lines
• Win – win for a spin
• Auto – automatic game
• Max – maximum bet
• Balance – credits on account
• Bet – stake on the line
• Pay – paytable

A new spin starts and ends early with a round button in the centre. There is an autoplay mode with the basic parameters.
In the top right corner there are buttons settings and help section with the scheme of lines and rules.
You can adjust the sound and screen parameters. The slot is designed to be played in a browser, without installing Desert Drag on your computer.

Desert Drag Online Slot: Wild, Scatter Symbols
Powerful racing cars, beautiful girls with flags, road signs, and other themed characters are displayed on the reels of the slot machine under consideration.

Two elements are endowed with special features:

Wild (red machine) is designed only to where necessary to complement the chain of other pictures except scatters. By itself it does not form combinations. Taking part in the formation of sequences, it doubles the standard coefficients.

Scatter (police siren) is paid regardless of the cells, which it occupies. Winnings are counted by the total bet per round.

There are no free spins in this model.