Derby Day Horse Racing

Derby Day Horse Racing

This free Derby Day Horse Racing game by Playtech, is a horse race where you pick the winning horse and the one that places to win extra coins.
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Make up to 9 different bets in Playtech’s virtual horse racing game: Derby Day Horse Racing. Click and compare horses, with six competing horses in all. Each horse is worth a certain number of points and its past wins or places are listed, information about the horse and jockey and track conditions.


Abouth Derby Day Horse Racing
You have got to love what the online gambling industry has done for people who like taking a flutter on the ponies, and cannot always get out to the track. Derby Day is a prime example of virtual horse racing, where no matter the form of the steed or jockey, a random win can only take place, and winning is not fixed at a specific price.

Special Features 

This awesome virtual racing game has been set into the backdrop of a racing track which includes the names of the ponies in a particular race, what the track and weather conditions are like, and what bets can be placed. Bets include:

  • Winner
  • Exacta
  • Place
  • Show
  • Pick Five

Just like one would open a race book and study which horse and jockey a punter might like. We can click to compare any two horses at one time. For example when this reviewer clicked on Loyal Royal, the information given was that this was a three year old stallion, being ridden by jockey Michael Walsh. It also offers an overview of wins per competitions, the last six places, trainer wins per competitions, and a little of the history of the horse.

This information supposedly helps the punter pick a winner. But basically when we are playing a virtual horse racing game, the horses randomly win, much like a set of reels on a slot machine, these horses are controlled by RNG technology. But knowing this does not make playing any less fun.

Once the player has read through the competitions’ information if they wish, they can then place a bet. A Winner wager is obvious, this is for a horse to come in first place. Click through the different wagers for a description on how each of them works. Once the wager has been chosen, the punter can then take a bet.

Depending on the type of bet, determines how high the player may punt. For example for a “Place” bet, we are able to choose every horse in the race, and choose a bet of between 0.10, and 25.00. But this variesthrough Exacta, Show, Winner and so on. Once the size of the bet has been chosen it is multiplied by the pay-out odds which determines the possible win. After confirming the wager, it is simply a case of clicking the “Race” button, and the race is on. May the best horse win!