The Gunslingers are back! Follow the bounty hunters in the notorious town of Deadwood, with the narliest quick-draws of the Wild West. With a bigger reel area, 34443 and the xNudge Wilds, you will see wins that will make the buckshot seem puny. Choose your Freespin mode and hope for the double sheriff badges to land, to upgrade the bonus mode to the bad ass Shoot Out feature where low wins turns into wilds.
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Theme and Graphics
In the summer of 2019, NoLimit City Studios released a very interesting slot machine, Tombstone R.I.P., dedicated to the legendary American town of Tumson. The model appealed to the gambling public and attracted the attention of gambling operators to this company’s products.
In the spring of 2020, the developer continued to develop the popular theme with the release of the Deadwood video slot. Let’s just say that the game turned out to be even more spectacular and exciting. Perhaps, from now on it is your favorite slot machine about the Wild West!
In most video slots about the Wild West, behind the reels of a dusty street with wooden houses, saloons and typical signs. Deadwood did the same, but blurred the background image and lets your players focus on the playing field.
The designers are to be commended for the colourful colour scheme, memorable characters and vivid animation effects. The soundtrack does not surprise you in any way, but perfectly complements the overall atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay and Paylines
Deadwood slot has five reels. The outermost columns have three symbols each, while the three middle columns have four pictures each.
There are no active lines for combinations. Betting on the round is a multiple of twenty: from 0.20 to 100 euros.
Winning chains are formed in 576 ways.
Paying sequences are formed from the same icons. They can be placed anywhere on different adjacent reels, starting from the first column. There can be several chains in one spin.
The symbols have different values. The more expensive the icons, the bigger the payout they bring. Also on the amount of winnings depends the number of pictures in the combination. Detailed information is published in the table. There is no equal odds risk game.
The level of volatility is medium. Theoretical return Deadwood slot depends on the game mode:

• In basic spins – 96.02% – 96.03%,
• When buying freespins – 96.06% – 96.11%,
• When buying Shoot Out Freespins – 96.08% – 96.12%.

Special symbols
The regular pictures in Deadwood are ten. They are divided into two thematic groups:

Bullet-riddled letters and numbers are the cheapest elements.
A sawed-off shotgun, whisky bottle, blown-up safe, pocket watch and gold bars bring larger payouts.
These icons are not stacked. The same basic elements do not appear one after the other in columns.

The following symbols are endowed with special features:

• Hunter Wilds (the heroes of the slot) are presented in three varieties: a blonde with a long scythe, a white man with a red beard and a surly Indian with a gun. They appear on the three middle reels. Each of them acts as a joker, capable of replacing simple pictures. All Wilds occupy four cells each in the columns. If the joker does not appear in its entirety, Nudge Feature is activated.

• Scatter (Horned Skull and Revolvers) triggers the freespins with three pictures that can be placed anywhere on the field.
Three scatters combined with two icons start Shoot Out Free Spins.

• Bonus (the Sheriff icon) is drawn on the first and fifth reels. Two symbols start the Shoot Out Feature.
Three scatters combined with two icons start Shoot Out Free Spins.

Free spins
The value of the regular freespins is equal to 71 total bets. To start Shoot Out Free Spins, you must part with 750 bets.

The basic prize spins are offered in two versions to choose from. There are eight of them in both cases. The specifics of the rules are as follows:

• Gunslinger Free Spins – The Wild Nudge Feature activates an additional multiplier that is not reset once the spin is complete. It can grow to infinity. Each Sheriff icon extends the round by one spin.

• Hunter Free Spins – At least one joker is guaranteed on each spin. The Nudge feature is active.

Bonus Freespin rules are more favourable:

• Shoot Out Free Spins – Ten free spins start with Shoot Out Gunslinger Spins or Shoot Out Hunter Spins. The Sheriff’s Stars are blocked on the first and fifth reels, so the Shoot Out bonus is always active. All small pictures on the middle three reels always turn into Wilds.

If two bonus symbols are dropped during Gunslinger or Hunter spins, the Shoot Out Free Spins also begin.