Wild Thing

Wild Thing

Gather a tropical bouquet and break the best score in the gaming club right now - we offer your attention Wild Thing slot. Slot machine from the company Novomatic bribes juicy symbols, simple rules and good rewards. In addition to fruit characters, you will be greeted here charming girl - this is the wild thing, which will give you a decent winnings.
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Wild Thing Slots
Grab your machete and explore the luxuriant jungle with this wild slot machine game by Novomatic.

Wild Thing features a straightforward and compact 4-reel, 10 payline set-up filled to the brim with juicy tropical fruits. The relatively smaller reel set will allow the player to play fast and know straight away were to bet to make the most of this fast-paced, colourful game.
And if all this wasn’t exciting enough for you, wild and scatter symbols are here to spice up the gaming experience. So get your gear ready, let’s dive deep into the jungle and see what – or who – is expecting you there.

Where The Wild Things Are
Although it is an online game, Wild Thing will bring the player a distinct nostalgic feel through the various fruit and star symbols spinning on the screen, reminiscent of the good old fruit arcade slots known worldwide. The buffet selection includes, in increasing order of value: oranges and blueberries, grape and watermelon, followed by a winged bell, red lucky seven and a blue star symbol. Many veteran players will recognize those fruity icons from other Novomatic classics such as Party Games Slotto, or Reel King.

What it lacks in originality, the game makes up in terms of graphics. The bright and shiny colours of those fruity icons would make anyone’s mouth water. And despite the smaller reel set, that’s still a quite large fruit basket set on a lush green background for players to take a bite of.
This makes Wild Thing a fast-paced game, with plenty of thrills for players who like to cut to the chase and reap the fruit of their labour fast.

First Steps
This is where things get more interesting – and arguably, wilder. The payline system of the game is quite unique, and will bring a clear cut from the more conservative feel given off by the reel symbols. The 10 paylines are split into two even groups. The first group, from line 1 to line 5, covers the three first reels from the left and pays as usual, from left to right. The second group, however, covers reels 2 to 4 and pays from right to left. Collectively, the two line groups create three extra lines which cover the 4 reels horizontally, and therefore allow for four-of-a-kind wins as well.
So, once you’ve placed your bet, you better keep an eye on the reels because things can change fast. Winning combinations can occur in any direction, and lining up four symbols will secure substantially bigger wins.

The Cherry on the Cake
Players who enjoy extra features to spice up their game won’t be disappointed by Wild Thing. For starters, the Wild symbol is there to maximize the player’s chances of scoring a winning combination – which can be crucial if you like to play big and aim for four-of-a-kind combos. And if one of more Wild symbols appear on the rightmost reel, then the reel is locked in place as the three remaining ones spin again, for one more chance at lining up a tasty sequence.
But most players will certainly be delighted to know that they won’t have to venture into the jungle on their own. The lovely, black-clad Sheila is there to make their heads spin at least as fast as the reels. She will watch over the player throughout the game, and with a little luck she will bring some extra bonuses to the table. As a Scatter symbol, Sheila will trigger a 10 free spin bonus if she appears three times – regardless of alignment. Find her four times when the reels come to a stop, and it’s 20 free spins. More: the right reel will be filled up with Wilds during every free spins, boosting your chances to win big on this online pokie.
Winning on the reels is one thing, but what if that’s not quite enough? For an extra thrill, Wild Thing offers an additional Gamble feature, which allows players to bet on their initial winnings. Guess the colour or suit of a hidden card, and your winnings will be doubled. If you miss, then all will be lost. Real players will know what they have to do to maximize their odds of winning the jackpot!