Wild Pride

Wild Pride

Wild Pride is a product of Booming Games, one of the leading online slot machine developers. This set is based on the African savannah, where gamers are tasked with helping two lions land their prey. In return, they get the winnings. You can see that a lot has been put into developing the images using stunning animations and graphics. Gamblers are treated to a beautiful backdrop of wildlife illuminated by the sunset. To the left of the five-by-three game grid, an impala can be seen eating grass, which players have to catch. Ten win lines are provided and they cannot be reset.
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General Information
Wild Pride was designed by the developers at Booming Games. And this is a definite plus, because all models of this brand is of high quality and work on random number generators of the last generation. The second advantage of this machine – nontrivial themes. With this slot, you are sure you will not get bored. Running Wild Pride once, you won’t want to look for anything else. Just as importantly, this is a 5-reel slot. With 10 winning lines, there are plenty of betting options on offer. And, of course, the main advantage of this machine – an incredible payout. Crucially, it’s also a 5-reel slot. With 10 winning lines, there are plenty of betting options on offer.

Special features
The game features a so-called “wild” symbol, that is, one that can turn into any of the symbols that are currently missing to win. To make the gameplay even more exciting, there are also ‘scatter’ symbols that can appear in one of the reels (even in a winning line) at any time and help the player win. Those who are already tired of hitting the Play button will probably like the auto-play option, which allows you to run the game once and just wait for your winnings. What’s also interesting is that you can get some free spins in the game, which will greatly increase your chances of winning, including winning real money.

Bonus Features

• Free Spins X2. Ten free spins are awarded to you for 3 or more scatters. The prizes are doubled.
• Interacting Symbols. Interacting symbols alongside one another can earn you an extra five or ten times the amount bet.

Wild Pride slot machine about animals should try all fans of the cartoon lion cub Simba.