The Hive

The Hive

Without these amazing insects it would be impossible to imagine a spring garden, a flower bed or a meadow full of all kinds of herbs. Some admire their amazing self-organisation, some are afraid of their sharp stings, but all without exception respect bees for their hard work. Gamblers do not often release slots about bees, but still sometimes new themed models appear in online casinos. Meet the original slot machine The Hive by Betsoft!
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The playing field is made up of nineteen hexagonal cells. These, in turn, are also lined up in the shape of a hexagon.
In fact, each position is a separate drum. Pictures appear in them independently of each other.
There are thirty active lines. All of them are constantly engaged.
Betting is taken per round. The range is from ten cents to ten euros.

The Hive video slot offers:

• Several types of symbols,
• Freespins on special conditions,
• Additional prize features.

Winning chains are made up of three, four or five of the same picture. They must line up next to each other on any of the thirty strips, starting on the right or left. In many spins at once several of these sequences.
Each combination has its own coefficient. When calculating the payout it is multiplied by the current bet. There is no equal odds risk game.
Further in the review of the slot machine The Hive Betsoft on Casinoz talks about exceptions to the basic rules and bonus options.


The Hive online slot: Wild, Scatter symbols
The standard icons can be divided into three thematic groups:

➊  The letters J, Q, K and A;
➋  White, blue and red flowers;
➌  Ladybird and the queen bee (queen).

A special element also appears:

• Wild (honey) replaces other pictures if it turns up in a suitable cell. In the bonus draws he is given extended functions.

The payout amounts for all combinations are shown in the table that accompanies The Hive.


The Hive slot machine’s bonus games
The Hive slot machine features three types of bees. One or more insects may appear in any spin. They activate the following bonuses:

➊  Queen Bee (Queen) summons other bees. They collect honey, increasing the probability of triggering freespins.
➋  Drone Bee (Carrier Bee) carries honey into a glass flask located next to the playing field. When the jar is full, free spins will begin.
➌  The Worker Bee activates an additional multiplier, which is taken into account when calculating winnings. It increases by one with each new worker bee that appears near the hive.

With each new spin the bees are shifted one clockwise. How long they stay on the screen is decided by a random number generator.