Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

"Rock Paper Scissors" is one of the games that captivates participants for a long time. Its rules are incredibly simple, and the interface allows not only to enjoy the gameplay, but also to win easily.
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The game first appeared in China, the designers decided to point this out in the elements of graphics. So, the general background, the geometry of the figures present in the game and even the color scheme lean towards the Eastern direction. In addition, it should be noted quite a high quality of drawing, which may well pass for the graphics in an interesting animated film. There are no special animations, but it does not affect the performance of the gameplay. For a more interesting game, the developers have introduced fascinating musical effects in the form of gong sounds, as well as other sonorous tunes.

Game description
This type of game can be found in many online casinos under “Other games”. The action takes place between the user and his opponent. Each of them owns a hand, which takes the main part in this entertainment. The participant is given the opportunity to be the first to choose the piece that will fight for the victory. The choice is between three pieces – scissors, stone and paper. The outcome of the game is a comparison of the figure specified by the participant and the dealer.
The player needs to know that the stone beats the scissors, but loses to the paper, but the scissors win against the paper. Thus, each sign is able to beat the second, but lose to the third. Having chosen the desired figure, the hands of the user and his opponent will be clenched into fists and start swinging in different directions. After that, each palm will form a sign that will indicate victory. In case both players indicated the same element, the round will not count and the result will be a draw. In addition to the fact that the game offers to choose the appropriate piece, so still the participant can play for 1, 2, 3 or 4 wins in a row. For example, by choosing number 3, the player must beat the dealer three times in a row to complete the task and receive an increased amount of winnings.

Interface of the machi

neNo matter how easy and clear the game does not seem, you should not start it without having studied the theoretical information about it. The gameplay should begin with determining the appropriate bet size. This is done by using special keys “+” and “-“, which are located at the bottom of the playing field. The minimum bet is 0.1 coins, and the maximum is 50. It is logical that at a higher bet the chances of a participant to get a big win are much higher than in other cases. Then the user should decide how many times in a row he can win. If the player expects a single win, he can proceed to the game after selecting the bet, but if the participant wants to earn more, he needs to click on the number 2, 3 or 4, which are on the right side of the working field. Each of the numbers implies an increased amount of remuneration in case of victory. For example, for 4 consecutive rounds won the participant at the minimum rate will receive 0.76 credits, but if you choose the option “four in a row”, he can count on a profit of 7.8 coins. When all game values are fixed, the user can choose the piece that will take part in the round.

The participant will have to choose between “ROCK” “PAPER” and “SCISSORS”. When the desired sign is pressed, the game begins, with the palms moving and then forming pieces. If the player’s hand wins, he can count on a payout in the ratio with the bet, if he loses – you have to try your hand again. It happens that the pieces of the participants coincide, and in this case there are no losers. Each of the players gets back the sum of the bet, defined by him earlier. The user’s actions are accompanied by sound effects, the most memorable of which is the strike of the gong. The results of the game are displayed right in front of the user’s eyes. If necessary, the player can take advantage of additional features that are located in the upper right corner of the control panel. So, he can adjust the volume or completely remove it, applying the button with the image of “speaker”. If the participant needs to change the game parameters, he should press the “OPTIONS” button, which selects the quality of graphics, sounds and other elements. If the user has any problems during the game, he can ask for help in the “HELP” section, where detailed information about the rules and peculiarities of the game is also provided.