All visitors to arcades in the nineties and '90s remember the Resident slot machine, better known as the Safes. This brainchild of Igrosoft, which allowed you to try on the role of a spy, could be found in all the slot halls and casinos in Russia and other countries that were part of the Soviet Union. Currently, for well-known reasons to try his luck in real life is quite problematic, but it is possible to download the machine Resident from the World Wide Web, or play in an online casino.
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The Safes slot machine has five reels and nine lines. The maximum bet that the Resident slot machine allows is 225 credits. It has a doubling game and two bonus games. Most online casinos also offer their customers a free slot machine “Resident”, the game which goes on interest.The game traditionally starts with selecting the bet size and number of lines, and then you press the Start button, which starts the reels spinning. If after stopping the reels you win some money, you can try to increase it in an additional risk game. To do this, you need to press the Double button. This will open an additional screen with five cards. One of them is face down and belongs to the dealer. The others are closed and you get to pick a card, hoping it’s higher than the dealer’s. In this case, you’ll double up on the dealer’s card. If this happens, you’ll double your winnings. If your card is lower, you forfeit your bet. If your cards are equal, you get a new deal. The number of deals in this round is not limited by the “Safes” machine, so with some luck the winnings can be very impressive.

The symbolism of the slot machine is based on insignia, weapons and World War II uniforms. The most expensive is the gold medal. A chain of 5 of these icons will multiply your bet by 5000 times. Also considered valuable are epaulettes and machine guns Maxim. The picture with a fire extinguisher serves as the wild, which is also used to form independent chains with a maximum multiplier of x2000.

Bonus games
A distinctive feature of the slot machine Igrosoft Resident is the original two-level bonus round. The prize round is triggered after three or more icons on the reels with the image of a safe. In this case, the main character is transferred to the bunker with four safe cabinets and must in any sequence open them, taking away the contents.

The items spread out in the boxes that the spy may need are of varying value. The task of the spy is not to run into dynamite, otherwise the prize round ends.

The second stage unfolds in a corridor with prison cells. Choose one of the two doors and open it. If the captive radio operator Cat is in the cell, the user will receive the super prize. However, behind the second door there is a guard hiding, and meeting him leads to the end of the bonus. However, the winnings from the first stage are saved and credited.

Risk game
Any winning combination in standard mode without autoplay gives you the chance to double the amount received. To enter the risk game, press the Bet or Risk button, depending on the version of the interface. The field shows the dealer’s card, the value of which is known and four inverted cards with a five-pointed star on the shirt. Any card will be chosen and if the value is higher than the dealer’s, the winnings are doubled; if less, they are discarded. At any time you can withdraw and return to the standard mode.