Relic Raiders

Relic Raiders

Raiders Relic slot machine - five reels and fifty lines for combinations. The slot was developed by the European company Net Entertainment. The game has been designed in the style of the famous Tomb Raider and Indiana Croft and Lara Jones slots.
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Theme and Graphics
So who are these adventurers? Are they poor adventurers who are so short of funds to live on? Not at all. Lara Croft, for example, in general, was an aristocratic Englishwoman, was smart, beautiful and did not need anything but … adrenaline and getting results, regardless of the magnitude of the risk and the obstacles that lay ahead. Our adventurers are driven by the same thing, but they do not forget about the reward either. That’s what gives them the strength to put their lives on the line, all to get their hands on a rare artefact. Everywhere their fate throws them into the ruins of ancient cities and the tombs of the dead. There are many traps along the way, but with persistence, which is characteristic of all relic seekers, you can achieve anything you want.
The implementation is excellent and the game’s theme is always very popular, as are all adventurous plots. The fact that the game resembles the plot of the famous Tomb Raider only plays into the hands of this slot, who choose this slot machine because of the similarity of the plot.

Gameplay and Paylines
Relic Raiders has 5 reels arranged in 4 rows. There are 50 paylines available in the game, meaning that 5 spinning reels can form winning combinations across 50 lines, so the chance of winning is great, but the costs, as you understand, increase too. Heirloom Hunters is the most dynamic yet challenging game ever developed in the slots segment. The exceptional enjoyment that players get out of the game shows that a lot of work has been done for a reason.
Relic Raiders has a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a stop spin option, a fantastic bonus game which I will tell you about later, and a bonus. You can bet from a cent to fifty on a single coin, and up to four coins on each line. So you can bet a maximum of 200 coins in the game if you put the maximum bet on all 50 lines.
The wild symbol in Relic Hunters is the symbol of the wizard doctor. He can replace other symbols in this game, but cannot replace the treasure chest symbol. He also does not activate the free spins bonus game, as he cannot replace the game’s bonus symbol.
The scatter symbol in Relic Raiders is a treasure chest that is scattered across the reels in the natural sense of the word. If at least three treasure chest symbols are found on the reels, you will receive payouts as expected according to the rules of the game.
Click on the treasure chest to find out the number of free spins as well as the multiplier value. The multiplier in the game can be between one and five.
The resulting number of free spins can be added to the number of spins that may occur during the game.

Bonus games
The Bonus Treasure Hunt option can begin when 3 bonus symbols appear in a row on the screen.
Only one bonus game is rewarded per spin. The Bonus Treasure Hunt game is a multi-level game with 4 locations, and there you will find relics and bonus prizes.
Find a relic in each tomb to play the final mystery bonus game. Each stage starts with a world map bonus option and this in turn reveals 4 tomb locations. Where you found the relic, you can no longer return. Click on the map to enter the tomb with 8 urns. Break down the urns to see the values given to you in the bonus game. What is the value of the relic found? Have you risked your health for nothing. Find out by playing the relic hunters bonus game.
The bonus game will stop as soon as you find a spider in the urn. The relics are saved for 36 hours after the last spin. The treasure hunt bonus option can be activated during the free bonus game.
The game has a Mystery Win option. Four gold statuettes will appear in this game. Click on the statuette to reveal your mystery winnings.