Random Runner

Random Runner

Random Runner Slot is an exciting Classic slot. It was developed by Betsoft, whose software platform is now used by some 317 online casinos. What's also important, it's a 3-reel slot. Only one winning line is offered.
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How to Play?
Before you start Random Runner® slot machine, you should first withdraw an amount and transfer it to your in-game balance. This amount is now displayed in a box called ‘Balance’.

Attention! In a Random Runner slot machine you make your bets in coins. Your balance is converted directly into coins when you play, and will be refunded when the game is over as regular cash. The current value per coin is shown in the ‘1 Coin=’ box to the right of your balance. The value of coins can be changed using the ‘+/-‘ buttons. The corresponding total value of coins in the game is displayed at the top of the screen under “Coins”.

Random Runner offers basic game play (bottom part) and Supermeter mode (top part). The description of the prize combinations and payouts in basic mode is opposite the bottom reels, in Supermeter mode it is opposite the top reels.

Spins can be performed manually (button “Start”) or automatically (button “Autoplay”). To stop automatic spinning, simply press the ‘Stop’ button.

The game always starts with base mode on the lower reels. The bet per round in the base game is one coin. If the spin is unsuccessful but there is a chance of forming a combination (for example when two reels show the same symbol on a line), you can lock the required reels using the ‘Stop’ function and – for a fee – by pressing ‘Start’ to re-spin the remaining reels.

In both base game and Supermeter mode, you have to do your best: collect three of the same symbols on the lines! In the base game you only need to fill one payline, in Supermeter mode the game is played on five paylines. A list of prize combinations and payouts for all Random Runner® modes can be found to the right of the respective reels.