Poke the Guy

Poke the Guy

Poke the Guy has to be one of the most unusual slot machines that you’re going to see in 2018, and the ones that are releasing this title are the developers from Microgaming. It’s not the sort of thing that I’d imagine them launch, and it doesn’t even look like a slot machine, but it’s advertised as such and they claim that it’s a game to have some fun with.
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Theme and Graphics
Defeat the beast! This is the first team in Poke the Guy, a quirky, super-exciting video gambling game that may baffle you at first, but then you’ll quickly get up to speed and work hard for big wins.
We’re going to say right up front – this is not a traditional slot. Or, really, a slot at all. There are no reels or rows at all. Instead, it takes place on a map that shows a coastline, famous monuments from around the world such as the Sphinx of Egypt and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, and of course, The Guy. He’s kind of a bearded figure in a yellow jumpsuit, and he’s so goofy we didn’t know what to think of him at first.The main character, the Guy, is a guy with a lot of facial hair and dressed in a yellow onesie. He moves on a map filled with landmarks from all over the world and skyscrapers. You get the Sphinx, the London Eye, Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore and others.

Gameplay and Payouts
Players place bets between 0.01 and 30 credits. (The maximum winnings are 15,000 credits.) The guy appears on a random part of the card. Players now choose the object they will throw at the guy. The weaker the item, the lower the bet. For example, a fish will cost less than a knife.

If you hit the guy with the object you throw, you win a cash prize, which appears in a cloud. A small cloud is a 2x multiplier; a big cloud is a 4x multiplier; and the same big cloud highlighted in yellow is an 8x multiplier. A large cloud with a rainbow is a multiplier of 12x; a cloud with a rainbow and sun rays is a multiplier of 18x; and with a multiplier of 500x, a rainbow, sun rays and colourful stars.

There are no bonus features to speak of. After all, this is a toss-up simulator. It sounds weird, but you should give it a try. It’s weirdly fun.