Pink Panther

Pink Panther

Pink Panther slot will satisfy the most picky players with its functionality, because so many gimmicks in a slot machine to be found. This number of bonuses in one game one critic called laughable. Well, I think it's just great. We just have to play and have fun!
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Pink Panther slot overview
Just think of Pink Panther, as the familiar and stylish tune that made the movie famous starts playing in your head. Spin the drums to that tune and earn prizes.
Inspector Clouseau and his pink panther is waiting for you today at the online casino!

Play Pink Panther slot
Pink Panther is a slot with five reels and 40 paylines, which was produced by online casino software leader Playtech. As you know, the main character in the film and this slot is Inspector Jacques Clouzot, who constantly gets into trouble and funny situations. The Pink Panther tune is known to more than one generation. It has become a recognizable brand of the series on the subject.
Start your investigation with the inspector and don’t get into the same silly situations that he did by buying tokens of a cent, five cents, dime, 25, 50 cents, and a dollar, two, and five. Then you can put on each line up to 10 coins, you have enough lines to choose – as many as 40, but it is better, of course, benefit, activating them all. Play – so play! With the opportunity to play the game, putting only a cent, you just wonder what you can put on a spin maximum – as much as 2000 dollars!
The game Pink Panther has a bonus game. To do this, the drums should appear from 2 to 6 panther symbols.
The game has 2 progressive jackpots, which are called Minor Pink and Major Pink. Any spin can lead to either of them, even if you don’t get a prize after some spin. But the surprise prize can be a progressive jackpot. However, you can increase your chances of winning it. What do you need to do? Place your stakes higher.

Bonus games of Pink Panther 
There are 12 doors in the jackpot game. You need to open the doors to reveal the characters that are hiding there. If you open 5 doors with the pink panther, then you win the Major Pink Jackpot. Open 4 pink panther doors and you win the Minor Pink Jackpot. Well, if you fall three little men, get a consolation prize. The game is played for time, beware!
Another bonus game is called Crack the Pink Code. In this game you have to crack safes. Inside each one you will see the number of free games and a multiplier, or expanding wild symbol. This bonus game ends with the pink panther blowing up the safe with dynamite from inside. You get a prize for that safe, then you don’t get prizes for the remaining safes. The bonus games also offer a progressive jackpot, as well as the Pink Pow feature, where the regular symbols become wilds.
There is another bonus game in the slot, in which a pink panther paints the walls along with a little man. The pink numbers will be added to your prize. After the round, you have the option to accept the prize or continue the game further. There are only three rounds in this game, so don’t miss the most profitable round. In the third round, you will receive the prize you won and you will return to the regular game.
Think that’s it? Wrong! Get a couple more games inside the game itself, which makes the functionality of the game so diverse that you were hardly expecting anything like this.
In yet another bonus game, the Pink Panther spins the reels. The one on the outside will determine your cash prize, and the one on the inside will determine if additional spins are needed, or is that the end of the game? If so, get your prize and return to normal game mode.
Well, in the last bonus game, the inspector follows the trail to find the lost diamond. By stepping on each footprint, you will receive a cash prize. By continuing the game, you run the risk of being trapped, which will cut your prize in half and end the game. If you complete all 4 rounds, then the inspector will find the lost diamond and your winnings will be doubled.
The slot has a risky game where you have to choose a higher value game than the dealer’s card, and then you will double your entire prize or half of it.