Mini Roulette by Playtech

Mini Roulette by Playtech

Explore a different kind of casino game by playing Mini Roulette by Playtech. The stakes are high in this game as the croupier is ready to take your hard-earned money. You have to conceive a strategy to take on the croupier while aiming for the huge returns held by this game. Mini Roulette is a table game software similar to the live variant and offers an exciting gaming experience. So get ready to predict and spin for the big wins which are hidden within this game.
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Theme & Graphics

Playtech is an exceptional gaming developer and Mini Roulette is one game that will remove the monotony of playing slots and scratch cards. Mini Roulette is a table game software that will have you guessing which numbered pouch on which the ball will stop on. The main feature which you will see when you load this game is the roulette table layout. The wheel has a combination of black and red colours on the numbers. You will also find other colours on the coin chips which have been placed conveniently so that players can place their wagers without any difficulty. The graphics have also been rendered superbly allowing players to load and play the game without any hitches. You do not need to download any software to enjoy this game as it can be accessed directly from your web browser. If you are searching for a high variance game, then this is the game to choose. It will offer some payouts but you have to be consistent to receive a payout. Mini Roulette is recommended for all players whether they are novices or veterans.


Mini Roulette is an amazing game where players get the chance to shift from the normal slot gaming and experience a variation of a table game. The game gives players the chance to gamble and predict for big wins. Before playing this game, you have to first set your prefered stake. you will be provided with different chip sizes which range from 0.01 to 100 at the bottom of the slot. Your main aim when you load this game is to predict where the ball will land and pick the chip and place a wager over the predicted number. This way you can redeem the prizes when the ball stops at the numbered pouches. After placing the bet, you will then proceed to click the spin button where a roulette wheel will appear and the ball will be spun on the wheel. After a small while, the wheel will stop and the ball land on a particular number which will be indicated on the table. The pouch on which the ball lands on will be the winning number or colour.


In Mini Roulette, you will not find any defined paylines. Instead, you will find over 36 betting options which will give you multiple opportunities to land a win. You will only receive a payout when the ball spinning on the wheel, lands on your chosen colour or number.

The best number and colour or the place where the numbers or colours fall on the table. There are also side bets which are allowed making this game very lucrative.


While you will find an exciting base game in Mini Roulette, you will also discover that different bonus features have been incorporated which make playing this game fun and exciting. Just like slots, Mini Roulette allows players to sit back and enjoy the game as wins land as there is an autoplay button. Clicking this button during gameplay will allow you to set the required number of spins and games you want and allow the system to take over. You can return to manual spinning by clicking the stop button. There is also a re-bet function that allows you to set the previous bet without the hustle of combining different chips to make the correct combination to the wager. The re-bet button is located right next to the spin and autoplay buttons. Other features in this game include the undo button and the clear buttons. The undo button allows you to undo or remove a bet which has been set while the clear all button allows you to clear the history you have played.