Lucky Double

Lucky Double

Scratch cards are gaining popularity, and NetEnt wanted to offer a great product in this field. Lucky Double is one such product with a simple interface and a pleasant experience. The game has a small menu, and it is available to be played for free and real money. The jackpot is quite generous.
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One scratch card, two games
When you have a look at the Lucky Double scratch card you’ll notice straightaway the difference with other traditional scratch cards as it offers not one game, but two games. This is quite exceptional because normally you get only one try to win a nice prize, but Lucky Double offers you two chance to win. Still the design of the scratch card can be called traditional as initially the amounts are covered by a silver opaque layer.
While scratching you’ll remove this opaque layer, the same process that normally leaves a big mess. This scratching effect will make this virtual scratch game look more like a traditional scratch card and so is the sound of scratching. Just as the other traditional online scratch cards designed by Net Entertainment, Lucky Double offers you the option to choose from different scratch tools just by clicking the ‘scratch tools’ button at the bottom of this game.

Betting options
While video slots often have more bet levels and coin values, most scratch cards ask for just one amount a ticket. So is Lucky Double as you’ll pay 2.00 per ticket. For this price you’ll not only get a two chances to win, but also a chance to win a top prize of 100.000.

Double the chance
When buying a Lucky Double scratch card, just by clicking the ‘buy ticket’ button, you buy two games for the prize of one. The small scratch game on the right offers you a chance to win up to 100.00, while the second game has a top prize of 100.000 to offer or any of the other amazing prizes.

Lucky Double win
Although Lucky Double offers you two different scratch games, one involving six amounts while the second game involves nine amounts, both games need a three of a kind to win a nice prize. Meaning if half of the numbers in the smallest game are equal to each other, you win that same amount. Another three of the same amounts in the second game will reward you with another nice win. Both games are independently of one another and so it’s possible two win in both games or with just one of the two games.