For those players who enjoy taking a break from the regular casino games, such as slots and table offerings, perhaps you should try out the Keno option from Netent. It’s got all the thrills of products like bingo and lotteries, but it’s also got its very own progressive jackpot incorporated as well.
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Betting options
Just as usual you have to buy a Keno ticket before you can start to play this game, but a ticket doesn’t cost you big bucks as you already have a ticket for just 1.00, available in a multitude of different currencies depending on the Netent Casino you choose to play.
To increase your winnings you can also choose to buy yourself a ticket more expensive as ticket prices can go up to 5.00.

Bonus Keno game
The game, in general, is very easy which means no difficult game rules involved.
Buy a ticket
Choose your lucky ten numbers
Picked a wrong number? Just click the number once more to undo the pick and choose the right number
Click ‘auto pick’ if you want to save time. Bonus Keno will automatically generate 10 numbers as it’s the case with Bingo.
Click ‘GO’
It’s then that 20 numbers fall randomly. You can recognize your winning numbers easily as Bonus Keno marks them with an orange circle.
The more numbers circled, the higher your winnings. Three numbers are already enough to win a nice amount.
The maximum win when you play with a 1.00 ticket, can go up to 10.000. A 5.00 ticket awards a maximum prize of 50.000 when you see all your lucky numbers marked with an orange circle.

Bonus game
While numbers fall randomly it’s possible a Joker pops out one of your chosen numbers. Not only will this number be marked as a winning number, it also adds to the bonus feature. This bonus game can be activated when five jokers popped out of the numbers and the word Bonus coloured orange resulting in one free game.

Bonus Keno Jackpot
Additionally, Bonus Keno also offers a progressive jackpot resulting in another good chance to win big. Of all tickets bought at the NetEnt Casino you are playing, as we are talking about a local jackpot, a small percentage goes into the Keno Jackpot.
The only way to win this jackpot is by playing Bonus Keno with real money, but even a 1.00 ticket will do. To win the progressive Keno Jackpot the letter J is having a big role as the jackpot will be yours when all drawn numbers will form the letter J.