Keno by Playtech

Keno by Playtech

Keno is a game for gamblers who want to relax and not think about the next move.
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Those who have some basic knowledge about keno know that this casino game shares some characteristics with lottery and bingo. There are different numbers involved, there are draws and there are combinations too. Generally speaking, this is a game of luck even though players can apply some strategies. As one of the leading casino software makers, Playtech has its own version of keno.

Playtech Keno: A Basic Guide

The keno game made by Playtech gives players an opportunity to select from two up to ten numbers. As expected, the list includes 80 numbers from 1 to 80. So, the rules are more or less the same as the ones found in classic keno.

Players will notice the multipliers in the paytable located on the right. These multipliers represent different payouts for different combinations of winning numbers. There is no need for players to calculate anything because everything is performed automatically which makes the game more exciting.

If you are planning on playing Playtech Keno remember that the more numbers you use the more chances to get winning combinations you will get. In case you get all ten numbers, you can expect to get 10.000x your initial bet. It’s good to know that there is a huge difference between the minimum and maximum bet. So, both high rolling players and beginner players can use this keno game. Additionally, if players want to accelerate the gameplay, they can choose to bet on five draws at once.

Even though there are no bonuses and progressive jackpot in this game, Playtech Keno is still a very attractive version of online keno. With a beautiful design, user0friendly interface and many betting options, Playtech Keno has become one of the favorite keno games in online casinos today. Use our list to find the places where you can play Playtech Keno.


Keno is a game for gamblers who want to relax rather than ponder their next move. It is also loved by superstitious players who mark the numbers that play an important role in their lives. Playtech’s version of Keno has everything you could ask for in a lottery game: user-friendly interface, minimum settings, nice design.